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Mothers Protect

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This Mother’s Day,  Mothers Out Front will reclaim the day as one of action. Through our movement, mothers unite to protect children, communities and climate.

Starting at the People’s Climate March on April 29th through Mother’s Day, these actions are designed to support and elevate our work in communities and states around the nation, while collectively demonstrating our growing power.

Discover ways below to become involved with us over the next few weeks along with your local team or on your own.

 MA_Renew_Power_Statewide_mtg_11-19-16_171_C.jpgMA Statewide Meeting, November 19, 2016

People’s Climate March

On April 29th, we will proudly join hundreds of thousands of Americans at the People’s Climate March to call on decision-makers to work for a swift, complete, and just transition off fossil fuels to renewable energy.  We hope you will be there, whether in Washington DC or at a local march, for this most important day.

We will be sharing information on what Mothers Out Front teams will be doing in their own states or in D.C. as we get closer to the event, so come back to this page often and RSVP so we can keep you updated.

  • Volunteer Celebration, Friday, April 28, from 6pm until 9pm:  To celebrate our nationwide growth, we are planning a festive gathering at Busboys and Poets for volunteers on the evening before the march. We will share our stories and wins in our respective communities and get ready to march as one the next day.  Please RSVP here.

  • If you are going to join the march in DC, RSVP to let us know you will be there.  Click here.

Please RSVP to stay up to date with any changes that may occur.

  • Make your own Super Mom Shield or Cape for the #ClimateMarch!  Click on the images below to download each set of instructions.

                                    For Shields:                                             For Capes:

              Shieldsphoto.jpg      Womens_March_1-21-17_070.jpg



Mother’s Day

Mothers Out Front teams across the country are planning marches, house parties, social media and postcard campaigns to remind elected officials and other decision makers of the importance of a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow for all children.

2016MothersDayPostcardDelivery.JPG2016 Mothers Day postcard delivery at the Massachusetts State House; Photo by Ellen van Bever


Now, more than ever our work at the local and state level is essential  to work for the swift and just transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources.

Learn more about events happening in your area here. Keep checking as more are added.

Check with your local team to see if they are planning a postcard campaign. Start your own campaign, send a postcard to your elected official and let them know why a livable climate is important to you.

            Print this file at home, fold in half                  Click to download the file and  
            and tape to make a postcard size.                    take it to your local printer.     

              National_Postcard_printathomeb.jpg                      National_Postcard_printprofb.jpg

               print_at_home_button.jpg                       print_prof_button.jpg


Digital Media

Digital Media is a key tool to help us amplify our message, increase pressure on decision makers and introduce us to new mothers across the country. It’s a way to participate even when you can’t be there in person. More importantly, it shows those who weren’t there what we are capable of doing.

Don't know much about social media?  That's OK!  We have recorded three webinars to help you get up to speed!

Download our Social Media Guides:


If you are planning a Mother’s Day event in your area, learn how to get your local newspaper or TV station to cover your event.


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