MA - Two NEW Teams in Ipswich and Gloucester!

Read the story of how making connections grows our power, by Kristine Jelstrup

Early in 2017, Ginger Ryan and I went to the MA Climate Action Network Conference in Boston. I ran into a friend who is involved with 350 North Shore. He wanted 350 North Shore to ally with Mothers Out Front because we have a reputation at making things happen on the local and state level. I told him the best way to do that was to have Mothers Out Front teams on the North Shore, so he set about trying to make that happen. 

NY - Westchester River Towns Community Team 2018 Kick Off!

The Westchester River Towns (formerly known as Croton) team kicked off 2018 with a pizza party on January 2nd. They had great turn out for this event!

At the party they celebrated their recent community win - the Green Option CCA decision by Croton on Harmon and prepared for upcoming events starting with the Twitter Storm response to Governor Cuomo's State of the State address.














NY - Rochester Team kicks off year with Renewable Energy Revolution




Kicking off the Renewable Energy Revolution in 2018 on December 29th, in Rochester at Rubblebucket with the amazing Kalmia Traver and the lovely ladies of Mothers Out Front! We're making a Renewables Resolution to get off fossil fuels and on to Renewables now! NYE weekend night 1! 

Caption and Photo Credit to Renee Vogelsang

#mothersoutfront #roadtorenewables #rubblebucket #renewablesresolution — with Marybeth DelVecchio Callahan and Michelle C. Long at ANTHOLOGY


NY - Mothers Out Front at the Energy Democracy Alliance Retreat

In New York State few groups are doing as much as the Energy Democracy Alliance in pushing for a truly just and community centered transition off of fossil fuels to renewable energy. From the EDA's website: Our work to promote energy democracy is designed to move the state toward a better system, one in which residents have the right and the authority to determine their own energy future, to protect our most vulnerable populations, and to prevent the wholesale destruction of our precious ecosystems. Putting ownership and control over the means of sustainable energy production into the hands of everyday people, into the hands of municipalities, and into the hands of local businesses should be a top priority for New York’s regulators."




MA - Pioneer Valley Team working to make Net Zero happen

MA - Work on the ground continues after the vote to switch to 100% renewable for municipal buildings in Amherst.

Andra Rose notes: "This article includes a celebratory photo of us thanking Town Meeting members after our 100% Renewable Energy and Zero Energy articles won. See the super mom cape?"

"…Those in the construction field who signed onto a letter of support for the bylaw argue that zero energy is becoming much easier and doable, and that the worries don’t match reality. Bruce Coldham, a retired Amherst architect, said skeptics have been challenging him since he built his first zero energy project 15 years ago.

'It’s a wonderful opportunity to turn wishful thinking into real achievement,' Coldham said. 'This is a watershed moment.'”

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CA - Mothers Out Front South Bay meets with Assemblymember Evan Low

Six members of our San Jose team, Mothers Out Front South Bay, recently met with California Assemblymember Evan Low as part of their ongoing campaign to promote the California Clean Energy Act (SB 100). The mothers passionately conveyed their concern about increasing climate impacts, like the recent California wildfires, and asked Asm Low to prioritize ensuring a safe climate for all children.

As SB 100 gets reintroduced in January, Mothers Out Front South Bay will continue to partner with local allies like 350 Silicon Valley, 350 Bay Area, and the Sierra Club to mobilize support for its swift passage. When passed, SB 100 will accelerate California’s renewable energy targets, making the Golden State the largest economy on earth committed to getting 100% of its power from wind, solar, and other clean alternatives by 2045! (California residents, click here to show YOUR support!)



CA - Mothers Out Front Supports Youth Climate Heroes!

Mothers Out Front showed up to support the youth plaintiffs, ages 10-21, of Our Children’s Trust (who are suing the federal government for the right to a safe planet) as they appeared for a hearing at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on December 11.  Mothers Out Front Expansion Organizer Linda Hutchins-Knowles took the train up from San Jose to attend the rally and press conference. Afterwards, she met climate scientist James Hansen, whose granddaughter is one of the plaintiffs; Julia Olson, legal counsel for the youth; and some local mothers who are interested in starting a Mothers Out Front team in San Francisco. All are eagerly awaiting the court’s ruling. You can learn more about this historic case and watch the fascinating hour-long hearing here. And you can find out more about the San Francisco hearing and rally here.


At the press conference: 



We Feel The Urgency to Act

In the same week that our national monuments in Utah have been opened up to the risk of oil and gas drilling, fires blaze across Southern California. The impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels can be felt on an all too regular basis. The fire season in the West has become more intense and prolonged. The changes in our climate contribute to the heightened extremes in the weather. Powerful storms, severe drought, and wildfires will continue and, unless we act, they will get worse.

Mothers Out Front offers our support and concern to the families disrupted by these destructive flames. Many residents received only 30 minutes of warning to pack up any belongings they could carry, and evacuate, uncertain of what will remain when they return. These fires disrupt the lives of many, even those not directly in their path. Students from more than 300 schools had to stay home because of the thick gray smoke that hangs in the air, making breathing difficult and causing fear and anxiety all around.

Mothers Out Front works everyday for a more livable climate for all children. We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and encompassing challenge of our time. If you feel compelled to act in the face of climate change we invite you to join us to continue this vital work.


NY - Renewable Heat Rally in Albany on 12/6/17

Mothers Out Front team member Megan Dyer took her daughter out of school for the day to attend a rally for Renewable Heat in Albany on December 6th. The rally was organized by our friends at Alliance for a Green Economy and other allies. 

Heating buildings accounts for almost 40% of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change in New York.


NY - Chemung County team co-hosted Community Solar Event

Mothers Out Front Chemung County Community Team was delighted to co-host an informational event in Elmira on community solar with the non-profit, Solstice. Community solar is a simple way to support local, clean energy while saving money on your electricity bill. 

For every four people who attended and signed up, Solstice will sponsor a child in attending a conservation and outdoor recreation summer camp put on by the Department of Environmental Conservation: A joint effort to support the next generation and the future of our planet!