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Call out Scott Pruitt on Climate Deception

Linda Hutchins-Knowles, San Jose Mother Out Front:

"While it’s important to call out Pruitt for his climate deception, it is equally important to take action to stabilize our climate. San Jose could take a huge step in the right direction by implementing a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program, as virtually all of the other cities in Silicon Valley have done."

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Opposing the Construction of New Gas Pipelines in Massachusetts

Thank you to Sue Swanson from Bedford Mothers Out Front for this letter to the editor about why pipelines are the wrong choice for Massachusetts!

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Mothers Out Front is HIRING!

Mothers Out Front is currently seeking applicants for these positions:  

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Please help us spread the word!

Rochester (NY) should choose clean energy

Mother Out Front, Mary Lupien, from Rochester, NY, makes the case for why Community Choice Aggregation is the best choice for her community.

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600 gather for climate action in Northampton

Marty Nathan [of Climate Action NOW] "called the fight against climate change 'the most important task ever undertaken.' A staunch supporter of community activism, she encouraged the crowd to get involved in local organizations like Mothers Out Front or the Sugar Shack Alliance."

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New OHIO team of Mothers makes the news!

With less than 24 hours, and in the FREEZING rain, a new band of Mothers pulled together a last minute rally, and with 25 people showed their support for the EPA office in their community.  AND they made the news.  #HugtheEPA 

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Before They March: Three Women On Why They're Going To DC

Read the profile on Kim Miller, Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads Organizer and the Women's March on Washington!

Find out more about where Mothers Out Front will be at the Women's March on Washington!

#MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch

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MA - Arlington group to protest climate change deniers

"Arlington's Mothers Out Front and their friends and supporters will join state event host 350 Massachusetts for a Better Future in a rally protesting president-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks - many of whom say they deny the existence of climate change - at a rally at noon Jan. 9 outside the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority station at Park and Tremont streets in Boston."

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Mothers unleash their organizing power on climate

“Having a man who denies climate change science in the White House poses a grave threat to all we hold dear,” says Kelsey Wirth, a parent of two who founded Mothers Out Front in 2013. “[But] we have the most potent counter to this: a growing movement of mothers who will stop at nothing to protect their kids.”

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MA - Mayor Walsh to Sign Ordinance Targeting Gas Leaks

"Ania Camargo is with the advocacy group Mothers Out Front, which has been lobbying for legislation to fix leaks.

“Change happens at the local level," she said. "And it’s at the road repair level. And so if we really can speed up the coordination between the utility companies and the city, then we will be able to fix and replace that many more pipes a year.”

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