CA - Mothers Out Front Supports Youth Climate Heroes!

Mothers Out Front showed up to support the youth plaintiffs, ages 10-21, of Our Children’s Trust (who are suing the federal government for the right to a safe planet) as they appeared for a hearing at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on December 11.  Mothers Out Front Expansion Organizer Linda Hutchins-Knowles took the train up from San Jose to attend the rally and press conference. Afterwards, she met climate scientist James Hansen, whose granddaughter is one of the plaintiffs; Julia Olson, legal counsel for the youth; and some local mothers who are interested in starting a Mothers Out Front team in San Francisco. All are eagerly awaiting the court’s ruling. You can learn more about this historic case and watch the fascinating hour-long hearing here. And you can find out more about the San Francisco hearing and rally here.


At the press conference: 



We Feel The Urgency to Act

In the same week that our national monuments in Utah have been opened up to the risk of oil and gas drilling, fires blaze across Southern California. The impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels can be felt on an all too regular basis. The fire season in the West has become more intense and prolonged. The changes in our climate contribute to the heightened extremes in the weather. Powerful storms, severe drought, and wildfires will continue and, unless we act, they will get worse.

Mothers Out Front offers our support and concern to the families disrupted by these destructive flames. Many residents received only 30 minutes of warning to pack up any belongings they could carry, and evacuate, uncertain of what will remain when they return. These fires disrupt the lives of many, even those not directly in their path. Students from more than 300 schools had to stay home because of the thick gray smoke that hangs in the air, making breathing difficult and causing fear and anxiety all around.

Mothers Out Front works everyday for a more livable climate for all children. We act with urgency because we know that climate change is a critical and encompassing challenge of our time. If you feel compelled to act in the face of climate change we invite you to join us to continue this vital work.


NY - Renewable Heat Rally in Albany on 12/6/17

Mothers Out Front team member Megan Dyer took her daughter out of school for the day to attend a rally for Renewable Heat in Albany on December 6th. The rally was organized by our friends at Alliance for a Green Economy and other allies. 

Heating buildings accounts for almost 40% of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change in New York.


NY - Chemung County team co-hosted Community Solar Event

Mothers Out Front Chemung County Community Team was delighted to co-host an informational event in Elmira on community solar with the non-profit, Solstice. Community solar is a simple way to support local, clean energy while saving money on your electricity bill. 

For every four people who attended and signed up, Solstice will sponsor a child in attending a conservation and outdoor recreation summer camp put on by the Department of Environmental Conservation: A joint effort to support the next generation and the future of our planet!




MA - Mothers witness 100+-year-old Tree Removal at Walden Pond

Mothers Out Front from Concord (Carolyn Wilkins) and Acton (Judith Aronstein) are #inthenews reporting a gas leak at Walden Pond, thought to contribute to the death of a 100+-year-old tree, which was removed.

“It’s a clear and overpowering gas leak,” Carolyn Wilkins of the Concord chapter of Mothers Out Front said minutes before a huge crane removed the tree in pieces.

Mothers Out Front is an environmental activism organization seeking to have gas leaks plugged. It cites scientific studies showing methane gas is harmful to the environment.

National Grid has said there are 126 natural gas leaks in Concord. All but three, including the leak near the white pine at Walden Pond, are classified as Grade 3, which pose the least risk of combustion."

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MA - Renewables Task Force collecting info about energy efficiency - preparing for tour!

From Daria Mark - Volunteer Lead - Renewables Task Force

"December 7, 2017 - This morning a group of us talked to WegoWise about their software for Water, Electricity, Gas and Oil use monitoring. Wegowise started with a project with MassSave for affordable housing buildings in MA and are now nationwide using their software as a tool to cut cost, which comes with cutting fossil fuel use, and thus, carbon. Do you monitor your energy use? An app? A software? The Renewables Task Force which I lead is rolling out energy efficiency presentations all around the state and we'd love to have a way to track what our participants are doing for carbon reductions."

Email with any information you'd like to share!



CA - South Bay Team testifying at key Air District meeting in San Francisco

Mothers Out Front South Bay sent a representative to testify at a key meeting of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in San Francisco on December 6th. BAAQMD is the agency charged with regulating air pollution and emissions in the wider San Francisco Bay Area, including those produced by the East Bay Oil Refinery Corridor

Representing both Mothers Out Front and the Silicon Valley Climate Action Alliance, Linda Hutchins-Knowles gave a passionate speech urging the Directors to protect local frontline communities by ending pollution trading and credit programs for toxic pollutants—especially by phasing out emission trading of particulate matter PM 2.5—and by reintroducing and strengthening proposed Rule 12-16 that has overwhelming public support. 

Linda reminded the Directors that “we parents are counting on you to ensure healthy air today and a livable climate tomorrow. The actions you take will impact current and future generations for years to come.” 




NY - Rochester Mothers Out Front supporting allies in pushing for more public transport

Mothers Out Front joins with allies in pushing for more public transport and got a mention in Rochester's City newspaper in regards to a public meeting about increasing access and use of our local bus system. The Mothers Out Front Rochester team has helped promote this event - encouraging their membership to attend and be part of this important discussion. 

We are grateful to the Rochester People's Climate Coalition​,and other allies:  Rochester Cycling Alliance​, Reconnect Rochester​, Metro Justice​ and the Community Design Center of Rochester - CDCR​ for organizing this public discussion! 

Increasing access and use of public transportation is key to transitioning off of fossil fuels to renewable energy so our children inherit a livable climate. 

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NY - Town of Huntington team makes progress with ACEERS committee

Monday night, December 4th, the team met with the Town of Huntington’s Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Sustainability (ACEERS) to ask for their feedback and recommendations about the resolution committing the town to 100% clean and renewable energy they will be asking the Town Board to pass. The meeting went well!

After the meeting, Billi Roberti wrote "Well done, Team. You received some good support and valuable feedback from ACEERS to improve both the resolution and the likelihood it will be adopted.”


NY - Cricket Valley Power Plant - Mothers Out Front #InTheNews

"People from throughout the Hudson Valley and across New York are voicing their opposition to a 1,100-megawatt gas-fired power plant, the Cricket Valley Energy Center (CVE), currently under construction in Dover....Residents, elected officials, students, scientists and grassroots groups—including Mothers Out Front, Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance (DCPAA) and New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)—are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to halt construction and revisit the state’s decision to approve the project in 2012."

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