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3 Reasons Why Mothers are LUCKY on April 29


With the People’s Climate March coming up in 2 days, you may be wondering if it makes sense for you to go. The whole subject can feel depressing, and you could easily be excused for thinking that we are living in unlucky times:

  • The weather is wacky, and extreme weather events have been happening in greater frequency. And high temperatures are breaking long-standing records.
  • The new administration is doing away with protections for clean air and water and controls on carbon fuel production.
  • The oceans are rising and coastal communities and cities in the U.S. and worldwide are already implementing adaptations and/or planned retreat.
  • And we as mothers and others are concerned about what the future will bring in terms of climate, community livability, and health for our children and grandchildren.

Fighting for the environment, one grassroots gathering at a time

Dottie Lamm of the Denver Post reports on grassroots organizations working to protect the climate in Colorado and Massachusetts.  Kelsey Wirth is interviewed about Mothers Out Front.

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Lexington MA Launches Net Zero Emissions Task Force!

SUCCESS! Lexington, Massachusetts kicks off the Net Zero Emissions Task Force!  Mothers Out Front - Lexington, MA - working for a livable planet has been working hard with partners across their community to make this happen!




Tara Marie Kotliar - NY

"As soon as I learned about Mothers Out Front, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It is so important to me to give our children the opportunity to live in a healthy world." Tara Marie Kotliar is a Mother Out Front from Huntington, NY.

MA team meets with Senator Elizabeth Warren

March 27, 2017

Prepared by Renu Bostwick

A Massachusetts Mothers Out Front team had the fabulous opportunity to spend 30 minutes with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. A team of 6 prepared stories, thought hard about what we were asking of her, and prepared to listen to what she had to tell us. We asked Senator Warren to indulge us by listening to our stories, which followed with a brief discussion on what was possible in the national conversation surrounding climate change. Climate change and its relation to health rose to the surface as something Senator Warren could start speaking about. She left us with the request to give her more information about how climate change is affecting our collective health.

Here are our stories …

Call out Scott Pruitt on Climate Deception

Linda Hutchins-Knowles, San Jose Mother Out Front:

"While it’s important to call out Pruitt for his climate deception, it is equally important to take action to stabilize our climate. San Jose could take a huge step in the right direction by implementing a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program, as virtually all of the other cities in Silicon Valley have done."

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Opposing the Construction of New Gas Pipelines in Massachusetts

Thank you to Sue Swanson from Bedford Mothers Out Front for this letter to the editor about why pipelines are the wrong choice for Massachusetts!

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Mothers Out Front is HIRING!

Mothers Out Front is currently seeking applicants for these positions:  

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Please help us spread the word!

Rochester (NY) should choose clean energy

Mother Out Front, Mary Lupien, from Rochester, NY, makes the case for why Community Choice Aggregation is the best choice for her community.

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600 gather for climate action in Northampton

Marty Nathan [of Climate Action NOW] "called the fight against climate change 'the most important task ever undertaken.' A staunch supporter of community activism, she encouraged the crowd to get involved in local organizations like Mothers Out Front or the Sugar Shack Alliance."

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