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OH - Team win: Village Council signs on to Paris!

We had a big win for Yellow Springs on Monday, June 19! Village Council unanimously voted in favor of adopting the Paris Climate Agreement after our Mothers Out Front team proposed that they sign on to the agreement using a sample resolution from the Climate Mayors website. Fourteen volunteers came to the meeting Monday to show support for the resolution, all in Mothers Out Front shirts.  There were a total of 27 people present for the meeting; so over half of us there were representing MOF.



Our team is fired up and ready to help the village work to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

NY - Corning Mothers "Seal the Cracks" Day of Action

On June 21st, the Corning Community Team members, Diane, Nausheen, Renata, Debra, and Leslie took their "Seal the Cracks" campaign to Market Street. In teams of two, we went door-to-door introducing the small business community to our campaign for energy efficiency and home weatherization. Afterward we enjoyed a pleasant lunch at The Source, a terrific family-owned restaurant.

Pictured from left to right: Nausheen Fatima, Renata Brenner, Debra Chesman, and Leslie Potter.


NY - Elmira team meets with Mayor Dan Mandell

June 21, 2017 - 

Elmira mother of two and high school counselor, Heather Stanton organized a group of fourteen mothers, grandmothers and concerned citizens to meet with Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell today. Their goal was to talk about how Elmira can take steps to become a NYSERDA Clean Energy Community. The mayor was very receptive and we are planning to come to an upcoming city council meeting and present at a workshop with members of the city council. Heather hosted a house party last week to lay the groundwork for this meeting and got six women from the house party to take the next step of attending this meeting. 




CA - South Bay Team Celebration!

The South Bay Mothers Out Front team gathered at a park to celebrate their first campaign win, getting Community Choice Energy (CCE) for San Jose! They took a moment to show their thanks to the San Jose City Council and Mayor for voting—unanimously—to establish San Jose Clean Energy, becoming the largest CCE in the country! 


WA - Puget Sound team and Physicians Climate Action Collaborative get published!

Puget Sound coordinator, Jeanine SanClemente and Dr. Francine Gaillour, physician and Founder of Physicians Climate Action Collaborative, had an opinion piece published in the Everett Herald!

"As mothers, we feel particularly compelled to speak up on climate change. Our kids will have to live in a world shaped by their parents’ and grandparents’ actions. We started local climate action groups, Mothers Out Front Puget Sound and Physicians Climate Action Collaborative, to compel our state to make a swift, just and complete transition to renewable fuels. We want to create a livable world for all children."

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MA - Retrofitting Our Residences: Beyond Fossil Fuels


On Wednesday, June 7th, a panel of experts shared their perspectives on the transition to a low-carbon future and the kinds of changes we will all need to start making to our homes.  

This page is a resource for some of the materials that were used in the presentation.  Please scroll down for supplemental info!

Panelists include:

  • Paul Eldrenkamp (Green remodeler).  Click here to download Paul's presentation.
  • John Dalzell (City of Boston Director of Green Initiatives). Click here to download John's presentation.
  • Eugenia Gibbons (Mass Energy Director of Clean Energy Programs).  Click here to download Eugenia's presentation.
  • Edith Buhs (Mothers Out Front JP member who has done a deep energy retrofit).
  • Moderated by Ania Camargo of Mothers Out Front - Downtown Boston.

The June 7 event will be co-sponsored by Mothers Out Front and the JP Forum taking place from 7-9 PM at the First Church JP, 6 Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain.

Click here to link to The Jamaica Plain Forum page for this event.


NY - As local effort against pipeline grows, Dominion eyes expansion

The Finger Lakes team co-coordinators, Katie and Lizzy (Elisa) and I (Lisa Marshall) met with a reporter for over an hour last week. He said he's thinking of writing two articles, one about the Dominion expansion and another about our grassroots organizing. Let's see if he does!

“I go to all these town board meetings and I listen to somebody who wants to build, say, 26 new apartments in Varna or something, and they have to jump through all these hoops to get through the special use permit process,” said Katie Quinn-Jacobs, team coordinator for local activists Mothers Out Front, who with the town have been leading the brunt of the opposition efforts. “Meanwhile this giant industrial plant isn’t doing that at all. We want the same protections the zoning – and the comprehensive plan – offered. We want that applied here.”


MA - Amherst Mothers show up for Board of Health Meeting

Four Mothers showed up at the Amherst Board of Health meeting!  On the agenda was consideration of the letter to Governor Baker asking for a health impact assessment for any new or expanded gas infrastructure.

But there were three major topics on their agenda first.

The board members weren't prepared because the letter to the Governor had been added to the agenda late; they hadn't read the letter yet.  We were 1 hour and 45 minutes into a two-hour meeting before it came up for discussion.

Since we'd waited through nearly two hours on other topics, they asked us to speak before they discussed it. I told them we came because we have children and grandchildren, that we can't leave them a world in a climate crisis and since there's not much time we have to do everything we can to move to a clean energy future.

I think they'll take it more seriously at their next meeting. We'll show up.  #ClimateChangeisaPublicHealthIssue

- Andra Rose, Amherst Mothers Out Front


MA - Tree (and Gas Leaks) Tour in Newton on Bikes

On Sunday, June 11th, 8 of us toured Newton on our bikes to see trees affected by gas leaks. At each stop Nathan [Phillips] put in a gas meter near the dead or dying tree and the meter would show between 40-70% in the topsoil. Some of the trees looked unhealthy or had dead branches but the big copper beech tree on Vista Ave was completely dead surrounded by green trees - it was sad for all of us see what methane did to that tree. Supposedly National Grid was asked repeatedly to fix that leak over the last few years and last spring it was still alive in some parts but it was not fixed and now it's totally dead. At some of the spots we read poems about trees.

- Ania Camargo, Downtown Boston Mothers Out Front

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Kristine Jelstrup, MA

"My name is Kristine Jelstrup, in the pink hat. I have two boys and I am very concerned about the planet that they will have to live on when they grow up. I am so grateful to Mothers Out Front for giving me an opportunity to actually DO something to try to make the world a better place. I have become an activist and a better person because of this movement and have met the most amazing women who I am proud to call my friends! Together we ARE the change we need and together we WILL make the climate better!"