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MA - Join the Weymouth Social Media Storm!

On August 24 from 10am-12pm, we will flood Twitter and Facebook in a general public push to call for an open, transparent, meaningful health impact assessment on the Weymouth compressor station.

A training is scheduled on the evening of August 23rd, at 7pm, online through webex.  Please RSVP here!

We will provide sample posts below, but here are some general guidelines.

Here are the accounts you should be sure to tag in your posts:

Primary target: Mass Department of Public Health (DPH)

  • Twitter: @MassDPH
  • Facebook: No Facebook page. Be sure to reference the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in your post.

Secondary Target (CC): Governor Baker

  • Twitter: @MassGovernor
  • Facebook: @CharlieBakerMA

Be sure to include a tag for "@MothersOutFront" so we can share your posts.

Hashtag to use in your posts:

  • #RealRiskRealAssessment 

How to:

You can write your own tweets or posts, or you can use our samples and memes. No matter what, please tag the DPH on Twitter and Governor Baker and use our hashtag. If you need help, please attend our half hour training which we will announce shortly!  We will record it and make it available for viewing as well.

Sample Tweets

.@MassDPH @MothersOutFront wants a public process to evaluate health impacts of Weymouth compressor #RealRiskRealAssessment @MassGovernor

.@MothersOutFront knows health risks demand a careful study of Weymouth Compressor. @MassDPH  #RealRiskRealAssessment @MassGovernor

.@MassDPH: @MothersOutFront wants to know when you will release your plan for the Weymouth health assessment as requested by @MassGovernor

.@MothersOutFront asks @MassDPH: full health study for 3100 kids w/i 1 mi of Weymouth compressor site #RealRiskRealAssessment @MassGovernor

MA kids deserve a detailed health study by @MassDPH on Weymouth compressor. @MothersOutFront knows #RealRiskRealAssessment @MassGovernor

.@MothersOutFront says a public health study by @MassDPH serves environmental justice in the Fore River Basin. @MassGovernor

Memes (right click on the images below to download and then post.)







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