NY - Stop the Dominion New Market Gas Compressors

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Dear Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Seggos,

As mothers, grandmothers, and allies deeply concerned for our children's future in the face of man-made climate change, we ask you to immediately rescind the air quality permits for the Dominion New Market Project.

  • The three compressors that make up this New Market Project will emit over 200,000 tons of greenhouse gas each year (which is like adding 40,000 cars to the road!), and millions of tons of emissions annually from extraction to combustion!
  • Approval of this project is in direct contradiction to stated climate goals of New York State. The first NYS Department of Environmental Conservation climate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stay below 2 degree C of warming. 
  • Methane is 86-100 times more warming than Carbon Dioxide over a 20 year period.
  • Research shows that our increased reliance on gas is causing accelerated atmospheric warming.

Rescinding these air quality permits immediately will put NYS on the path to a future free from fossil fuels. For our children's future, we implore you to do this.

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