Make Our Mother's Day: Act for a Livable Climate for All Kids


This Mother’s Day teams across the country are planning marches, house parties, social media and postcard campaigns to tell elected officials and other decision makers that it is time to act for a livable climate for all children.

Now, more than ever, our work at the local and state level is essential for the swift and just transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources.

Discover how to become involved with your local team or on your own.


2017_MD_Delivery_Collage_Titled_1500x500.jpg2017 Mothers Out Front Postcard Deliveries


Postcard Campaign

Check with your local team to see if they are planning a postcard campaign.

Start your own campaign by sending a postcard to your elected official and let them know why a livable climate is important to you.

  • Postcard Instructions PDF
  • Get your postcard(s) printed to send them in or deliver them!
  • We will produce a printer-ready version as soon as possible.


Print this file at home, fold in half and tape to make a postcard size.                        




Social Media

Social media is a key tool to help us amplify our message, increase pressure on decision makers and introduce us to new mothers across the country. It’s a way to participate even when you can’t be there in person. More importantly, it shows those who weren’t there what we are capable of doing.

Learn how to sign up for Twitter


Social Media Trainings

Download our Social Media Guide PDF

Want your event or story to be posted on the National Mothers Out Front website?



If you are planning a Mother’s Day event in your area, learn how to get your local newspaper or TV station to cover your event.



Press Planning

Learn how to invite media to your event and how to talk to reporters when they attend.

Communications Messaging & Planning

If you would like coaching on Twitter, Facebook or NationBuilder in preparation for Mother's Day, please contact

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