NH - Monadnock Moms Deliver!

Mothers Out Front Monadnock delivered 650 signed postcards asking Governor Sununu to support the principles of the Paris Climate Accord! #CleanEnergy is the right choice for our communities and families today and in the future.

You can join this team and help New Hampshire transition to clean renewable energy. Just click here to sign up!




CA - California Moms Deliver!

On June 13th, outside Governor Brown’s office, members of the Mothers Out Front South Bay (San Jose) and San Francisco teams pose with their 265 “Yes on SB100” postcards for Governor Brown and their kids’ handmade signs.




NY - Elmira Mothers Cohost with the Poor People's Campaign



On Sunday, June 10th we hosted a community event in conjunction with the Poor People's Campaign, on the toxic contamination at Elmira HS and the surrounding neighborhood. We provided information and dialog on this community issue in the broader context of poverty, race, and environmental justice. 35 people attended including 5 members of the Chemung County team and 7 allies from the Poor People’s Campaign including two local union organizers.

We kicked off with a public narrative and short video by community member Becca Forsyth. I coached Becca on her public narrative and worked with her through 3 versions of her video.


MA - Bringing Paris Home in Cambridge

Our Cambridge team kicked off its “Bringing Paris Home” Campaign. Our federal government may have backed away from the International Paris Climate Agreement, but “We’re still in!” was the rallying cry at the kickoff event held at the Central Square Library on Thursday, May 31. About 40 attendees, including City Councilors Sumbul Siddiqui and Quentin Zondervan, gathered to snack on French foods, sing along with Music Out Front, hear an informative presentation, and engage in spirited small-group discussions.

MA-Cambridge_Bringing_Paris_Home_DSC06673.jpg   MA-Cambridge_Bringing_Paris_Home_DSC06651.JPG


MA - Walking the Talk at the US Conference of Mayors

Walking the Talk

Cambridge Mothers Out Front members were among the lively and vocal crowd gathered in Copley Square on the morning of June 8th to be sure that Marty Walsh and the other attendees of the US Conference of Mayors heard their message: that our cities need to be in the forefront of renewable energy innovation and infrastructure.

Mothers Out Front and other climate action allies were urging the mayors to Walk the Talk on climate by

  • Committing to 100% renewable energy and taking concrete steps to increase renewables now. For Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, that means implementing community choice energy.
  • Halting new fossil fuel infrastructure, including fracked gas.
  • Championing net zero construction for new buildings.
  • And divesting public holdings from fossil fuel.



Music Out Front performing for the crowd gathered for the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Boston, June 8th.




NY - Lakeshore Mothers & Others Organizing for Wind Power

Susan Campbell, NYS Leadership Team Member, Lakeshore Mothers and Others Out Front Team leader, and fierce advocate for wind writes:

"Members of the Lakeshore Mothers and Others team met on Saturday to write postcards to the NYS Public Service Commission in support of the two wind turbine projects proposed in Orleans County. We are also promoting an action to have people put "YES" pins on their visors in their cars that will show when the visors are lowered. Everyone is encouraged to put their visors down every time they park to create a visual with a positive message about wind energy. We will be meeting once a month to write more cards and to build support for these wind projects. Everyone is welcome to join us and we hope to grow the number of people attending every month."

For more information on how to join, please email neely.kelley@mothersoutfront.org


NY_LakeShore_mothers_and_Others__PC_WindParty_053.JPG  NY_LakeShore_mothers_and_Others__PC_WindParty_057.JPG

2018 Liff Spirit Award Recipient - Kelsey Wirth

Kelsey Wirth, Co-founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front was awarded the 2018 Liff Spirit Award by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy on May 31, 2018!

Visit the Emerald Necklace Conservancy website for more info:

[embedlycard url="https://www.emeraldnecklace.org/party-in-the-park/liff-spirit-award/"]

PODCAST: Interview with Kelsey Wirth - No Match for Moms

Thank you to the host of the "Hiding in the Bathroom" Podcast, Morra Aarons-Mele, for this profile on Kelsey Wirth, Co-founder and Chair of Mothers Out Front! Find out more by clicking the link below!

"From the time she was five, Kelsey Wirth traveled with her dad Tim Wirth as he was up for reelection in Congress- every two years in a swing district. Kelsey says she grew up in the spirit of both unpredictability and standing up for what you believe in. She is comfortable with uncertainty, something she credits with her success as an entrepreneur (she co-founded Invisalign at 27) and her work behind the non profit Mothers Out Front, which uses grassroots organizing to tackle the dirty energy powering climate change. Mothers Out Front creates practical solutions against a threat that can feel hopeless. Recently, members mapped gas leak spots in their community, setting in motion a plan that could reduce methane from gas leaks Massachusetts by 50%."

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MA - Mother’s Day Inspires Climate Activism

Mother Out Front and Columnist Felicia Mednick shares what Mother's Day means to her:

As a part of honoring the mothers in our lives, and as members of Mothers Out Front, we honor the many women who have organized mothers to take action. They give us strength to face the climate crisis, to raise our voices, and to organize. They took their messages to their communities, to the streets and to the halls of government.

[embedlycard url="http://www.amherstbulletin.com/Columnist-Felicia-Mednick-describes-how-Mother-s-Day-inspires-climate-activism-17635138"]

MA - A Warm Line from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania

by Anne Goodwin

The passion of parents to protect our children and the power of personal stories resonated in our hearts when Mothers Out Front co-hosted four fracking activists from Pennsylvania this week. Lois Bjornson, Jane Worthington, and father and son Brian and Ryan Latkanich spent two days as our guests telling the stories of how their livelihoods, land, health, and children’s health have been destroyed by intensive fracking for methane gas fuel all across their rural area.



Pictured - Back row: some of the Co-sponsors - Susan Lees, Anne Goodwin, Cindy Luppi;
Front row: our guests from PA - Brian Latkanich, Ryan Latkanich, Jane Worthington, Lois Bjornson.