CA - Make a Livable Climate a New Year's Resolution

MOTHERS' VOICES IN THE NEWS! Congratulations Erin Robbins and Linda Hutchins-Knowles, members of Mothers Out Front South Bay, for the published OP-ED.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about how to write an op-ed and why they are important.

What moms in San Jose have to say:

It’s time to stop, drop and roll: STOP new permits for oil and gas drilling, DROP current production in a just, managed transition to clean, green jobs, and ROLL out science-based buffer zones around homes and schools.

Read it all here:

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NY - LTE: Danskammer power plant will further pollute the region

Great letter to the editor from Charlie Davenport (member of the Hudson Valley Mothers Out Front - Dutchess County, NY team)  published January 7th in the Record Online/Times Herald Record. He highlighted the health effects and the lack of need for another fracked gas plant to supplement the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant shut down.

Read it all here: 

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VA - Mothers Out Front Norfolk Visits with State Senator Lewis

On Jan 3rd, 2019, two members of the Mothers Out Front Norfolk team met with State Senator Linwood Lewis. The meeting was arranged by Senator Lewis to connect with Norfolk residents to discuss his constituent's concerns before the General Assembly. 


                     Anne Winston(left) with Senator Linwood Lewis (Center) and Kim Williams(right)                

NY - Questions for Parents and Prospective Parents - Connections - WXXI News

Mothers Out Front Wendy Low and Neely Kelley from New York (and a few other parents) were invited to a panel on the Evan Dawson Show ("Connections") to talk about  this article: Parenting the climate change generation.

You can listen to it here: 

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NY - Rally against the Danskammer Gas Plant

On Monday, December 17, 2018. The Mothers Out Front - Hudson Valley team joined Food and Water Watch, NYPRIG, Clearwater, New York communities for Change and Scenic Hudson to rally against the proposed Danskammer Gas Plant.

Following the rally, Mothers out Front member Caroline Fenner and Megan Root attended the Danskammer Open House Forum. Danskammer stated during the open house that the proposed plant will have 85% less emissions than older plants currently operating in NYS with its new technology and they also stated that the plant is designed for backup purposes of NYS push to renewable energy and carbon neutral 2040 goal (stating that renewable energy sources are intermittent).


NY_HudsonValley_20181220_IMG_7815.JPG  NY_HudsonValley_20181220_IMG_7810-1.JPG    

NY - Energy Justice Event in Elmira

In late November, Mothers Out Front and the Elmira Poor People's Campaign collaborated on a powerful event to talk about Energy Justice at the Frederick Douglass Memorial AME Zion Church in Elmira! A crowd of 30 including Mayor Dan Mandell came to hear our two wonderful speakers tell us what alternatives and options we have when energy is a concern. After a potluck supper, we enjoyed singing together followed by the presentations of our special guest speakers, Eileen Hanrahan of Cornell Cooperative Extension and Laurie Wheelock of the Public Utility Law Project (PULP).



Becca Forsyth (standing) greets attendees at the Energy Justice Forum


NY - Groups Call On NY Gov To Provide More Money To Replace Lead Pipes

"Wendy Low is part of the New York state leadership team for Mothers Out Front. She says lead pipes should have been replaced a long time ago.

'Mothers Out Front is working for the future of children around climate change, but we are supportive of this because that’s what we’re about. We’re about our children’s future. And every child that is poisoned is a family tragedy and tragedy for our society,' Low says. 'So increasing the funding for lead service line replacement at this time will help make replacing all the lead lines completely a reality and not put it off till tomorrow.'”

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NY - Tompkins County Organizing Workshop

In late October, Mothers Out Front ran an organizing skills workshop hosted at Cornell University by the group Climate Justice Cornell. A mixed group of students, Mothers Out Front members and local allies spent four hours working and learning together. Among other skills we practiced relationship building through the one-to-one conversation and crafting an effective public narrative. The cross-pollination between students and community members was stimulating for all.
One participant said: "This was a great, thought-provoking workshop. Lots of ideas and energy. Worth the time."




NY - Tabling at Rochester Alternative Fair

Michelle Long, Renee Scholz and Martha Kelley tabling at the Alternative Fair in Rochester, organized by Metro Justice. Linda Kubick (not pictured) did an amazing job and leaders from Rochester, Irondequoit and Orleans County - Susan, Harvey, Mark (not pictured) all pitched in to take tabling shifts Friday evening and Saturday and the group/team effort got more than 50 new sign ups!



Photo credit: Renee Scholz

NY - Chemung County Leaders at the Elmira Town Board

November 19th - Chemung County leaders, Tara Escudero, Heather Stanton, and Jennifer Carman along with volunteer Jane Winters attended the November monthly board meeting at the Town of Elmira to show their support for the progress the town has made toward becoming a Clean Energy Community.

The town took its first step when they passed a resolution in favor of a Unified Solar Permit.

Other progress to date:

1) The energy benchmarking of all town buildings

2) Training of the town code enforcement officer scheduled

3) Contracting with other municipalities for LED street lights



Jane, Tara, Heather and Jennifer