NY- Advocating for Better Transit in Albany

A transit coalition has been building across New York to urge New York lawmakers to fund public transportation. On Tuesday, February 12th, 2019, Our Streets Transit Coalition, a transportation coalition in Rochester and allies from Rochester headed to Albany for a lobby day. Mary Lupien, Mothers Out Front leader joined the team.

Reconnect Rochester supported the effort on their Facebook page by posting:

"GO TEAM TRANSIT!Our fearless coalition group braved the weather to travel to #Albany today. We're meeting with lawmakers to urge them to support a transformational investment in public transportation (50% increase over 5 years) and other legislation that will create more just, equitable & sustainable transportation systems in upstate NY.

You can support our efforts from the comfort of your own home by signing the petition and sending letters to lawmakers: just click here!


          Mary Lupien (far left) with the allies of "Our Street Coalition

NY- Mothers Out Front Members speak at the public hearing on Westchester Gas Moratorium


Left to right:Leola Specht, Sarah Smiley and Katie Hyams, members of the Westchester River Towns Community Team.

These Mothers Out Front members attended a public hearing on Wednesday, February 13th, held by the Public Service Commission in White Plains NY about the gas moratorium for Westchester County put in place by the utility, Con Ed. Con Ed is saying there is a gas shortage. The Public Service Commission has told Con Ed to seek alternatives to gas.

VIDEO: Building Political Will for the Green New Deal


Need inspiration and hope?


Watch Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement, and Heather Dulisse of Mothers Out Front talk about how YOU can join the movement to protect communities from the devastation of fossil fuels and preserve a viable climate future! Then join us if you haven't yet! (You don't need to be a mom.)

Please take 2 minutes to fill out this form to tell us how you'd like to participate in the Mother’s Day Mobilization.


NY- Volunteers meet with State Assemblymember about Climate Change Law

            Mothers Out Front Volunteer Billii Roberti (left) and Janet Allen (right)


On February 19th, Mothers Out Front volunteer member Billii Roberti and Bethany Presbyterian Church Elder, Janet Allen had a wonderful conversation with NYS Assembly Member Steve Stern (10th AD) at his office in Huntington to discuss his support for the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA).

The CCPA is the most ambitious and far reaching climate bill in the country. No other legislation cuts greenhouse gas pollution from all sectors of the economy, protects communities and workers on the front lines of climate change, ensures that jobs in the new energy economy conform with fair labor standards, and requires all state government decisions to align with climate and equity policies.


Billii Roberti (left) with NYS Assembly Member Steve Stern (middle) and Janet Allen (right)

NY - Mother speaks out at the Yates Town Board Meeting

On February 14th, Susan Campbell spoke at the Yates town board meeting with 5 town board members, 3 of whom are staunchly opposed to the LIghthouse Wind Project. The LHW project will have a total of 47 turbines, 9 of which will be located in the Town of Yates on private land. The remaining 38 turbines will be located in the Town of Somerset.


NY_Susan_Campbell_Yates_Mtg_CE.jpgHere is Susan's statement:

As an individual and as a volunteer leader of Mothers Out Front on the local, state and national level, I heard with sadness that the Galloo Island Wind Project application was withdrawn. Clean green energy is the only way we will be able to transition off fossil fuel and curb the climate change that is endangering every living thing on earth. The withdrawal of this application makes it even more important that the Lighthouse Project goes through. The project will produce at least enough clean power to power 50,000 homes. I feel it is time for this board to stop opposing this project and start to negotiate a deal that will benefit our town the most while allowing us to participate in transitioning to a cleaner, healthier earth for ourselves, our children and future generations.

MA - Mothers turn up heat on natural gas leaks at Worcester schools

Mothers Out Front Worcester are taking on gas leaks in their town and working to make sure children going to school aren't exposed to methane pollution.

Many natural gas leaks go unrepaired for long periods of time, but it is illegal for gas companies to let leaks within 50 feet of a school building remain unfixed. In Worcester, as in many cities, there are hundreds of reported natural gas leaks from old, corroded underground pipes. The gas seeps slowly into the atmosphere, polluting the environment, costing rate payers, and possibly causing health problems.

“The objective is to frame the forum as a way to share the findings with the larger community, hear from experts about the dangers of gas leaks, and also hear about current legislation to address how utilities are held accountable,” said Etel Haxhiaj, a local organizer with Mothers Out Front.

[embedlycard url="https://www.worcestermag.com/news/20190213/local-group-turns-up-heat-on-natural-gas-leaks-at-worcester-schools"]


MA - Mothers Advocate for the FUTURE Bill

Mothers Out Front Claire Corcoran and Claire Humphrey met with Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz’s Legislative Director, Ernesto Reyes Hernandez, Monday afternoon to advocate for our FUTURE bill and carbon pricing. 



Pictured: Claire Corcoran, Ernesto Reyes Hernandez and Claire Humphrey

MA- Mothers meet with Worcester's Mayor and Superintendent

On January 17th, three representatives of Worcester's Mothers Out Front team met with the Worcester Mayor and Superintendent in the Mayor's office. Worcester's Mothers Out Front co-coordinators, Gaylen Moore and Patricia Kirkpatrick, worked for weeks with the Mayor and Superintendent regarding the gas leak audit, commissioned by Mothers Out Front in December 2018, to invite them to a dialogue on this issue. Joined by our newest member of the team, Mary Flynn, the three moms sat down with Mayor Petty and Superintendent Binienda to talk about the work the Worcester moms have been doing on the issue of unrepaired gas leaks in the city.

Encouraged by the momentum of gathering over eighty petition signatures from Worcester residents to address the issue of gas leaks over the summer, the Worcester team conducted a gas leak audit in early December 2018 to confirm the existence of gas leaks around select Worcester Public School buildings. The gas leak audit confirmed the existence of gas leaks within 50 feet of the five school buildings and offered a few recommendations for the school administration and Eversource. The meeting with the Mayor and Superintendent gave the moms the opportunity to share the findings and recommendations of the audit, educate both the Mayor and Superintendent about the risks of unrepaired gas leaks, as well as talk about the obligation that utilities have to repair gas leaks within 50 feet of school zones. It was the first time that the moms had the opportunity to sit down with two important decision makers in the City of Worcester and secure their support towards the goal of fixing leaks around school zones. It was also the first opportunity that both the Mayor and Superintendent had to hear about the mission and organizing of Mothers Out Front Worcester and be introduced to our moms.


  Mothers Out Front members (on the right) with Mayor Petty and Superintendent Binienda (on the left)


NY - LTE: Viewpoint: Back up renewable energy pledges with actions

Kelsey Wirth, co-founder of Mothers Out Front and Jennifer Rogers-Brown, Mothers Out Front NY's leadership team sent a message to Governor Cuomo in this Letter to the Editor published in the Times Union! #InTheNews

Cuomo needs a 2019 state energy plan that has concrete, enforceable targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction in all sectors, and that centers workers and low-income New Yorkers in the decision-making process. A clean energy future will lead to healthier communities, particularly in low-income communities disproportionately affected by dirty energy sources, and will enable Cuomo to strengthen the state's economy and add to the more than 85,000 New Yorkers who work in the clean energy sector.

Read it all by clicking below:

[embedlycard url="https://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Viewpoint-Back-up-renewable-energy-pledges-with-13515563.php"]

Energizing Climate Smart workshop hosted by Mothers Out Front South Bay team

On a rainy and dark Monday evening of 14th January, 26 residents braved the weather to gather at the Cambrian Branch Library on Hillsdale Ave in San Jose for an informational workshop hosted by Mothers Out Front.

After registration and snacks, the attendees sat down to listen to three dynamic and passionate speakers.



Kate Ziemba from San Jose Clean Energy described the ins and outs of San Jose’s new Community Choice Energy program. She explained the benefits of SJCE—including lower cost, local control, and clean energy sources—and the three options that residents will have when the program begins its roll-out next month. 

Steve Schmidt, founder and COO of Home Energy Analytics, presented data on the ways in which homeowners and renters can reduce their energy use. The attendees learned that his no-cost home Intel program helps residents find simple ways to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize their lifestyles through electrification.