MA - Newton Signs Historic Green Energy Contract


How did Newton do it?

By Ellie Goldberg, Mothers Out Front Newton, November 29, 2018

On November 27, the City of Newton signed a contract for Newton Power Choice, a community choice electricity aggregation (CCA) program that will provide 60% local renewable energy (46% above the State requirement for renewables).


(Newton Press Release)

NY - Soup, Goal Setting and Year End

November was a month for soup, goal setting and the year end appeal.

The Chemung, Steuben, and Tompkins County NY teams all met in November for home made soup (potato leek and butternut squash), goal setting and writing notes on the Year End Appeal letters to go out to our supporters. A great way to stay connected and feel warm during this cold and busy season.



Doug, Heather, Tara, Dawn, Freyda, Gail and Tara discuss 2019 goals. Tara explained about S.M.A.R.T. goals.


NY - Year end letter signing party!

In the spirit of Giving Tuesday and our year end appeal, a group of mothers gathered in Rochester, NY on the first week of November. They wrote notes and signed letters to the mothers, grandmothers and allies in New York state and across the country thanking them for their continued support and participation. 


                 Volunteers signing year end appeal letters


NY - Group of Mothers and Others supports Lighthouse Wind

With gratitude to the Lakeshore Mothers and Others team for working hard to change the conversation about #windenergy and congratulations for being #inthenews!

“We owe it to the next generation to do something about climate change,” [Susan] Campbell said during an interview last week at Yates Community Library.

She is encouraging supporters of the project to attend town meetings, write letters to the editor and letters of support to the NYS Department of Public Service.

“Right now the letters are lopsided,” Campbell said, noting that many of the public comments about the project are against Lighthouse Wind. “We’re trying to bring new voices to it.”


Find out more -> click the link below!

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MA - Beyond Gas for Cooking

Congratulations to the Gas Leak Allies, HEET, the Merrimack Valley Project, Professor Nathan Phillips and, Ania Camargo, Zeyneb Magavi and all the Mothers Out Front volunteers that made this happen! And thank you to Living On Earth for spotlighting this project!

"[Zeyneb] MAGAVI: Gas leaks – one thing about it is it’s unifying, there’s nobody that thinks they’re a good thing. Right? It doesn’t matter if you’re approaching it from, “hey, we’re wasting money,” or, “hey that sounds dangerous,” or the climate. Like whatever you’re approach is, everyone pretty much agrees they’re not a good thing."

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PODCAST: Building a Community with Mothers Out Front - Vanessa Rule

Thank you to MIT Climate for spotlighting mothers' voices in the conversation about climate change! Listen to this interview with Vanessa Rule, Co-founder and Director of Expansion and Learning at Mothers Out Front about how we are building a community of volunteers who are taking on fossil fuel infrastructure and sustainability in their communities.

“[Technology] - that’s not the missing piece of the puzzle, right now. So we have science and technology [to address climate change.]. But we also have incredibly powerful special interests at the decision-making table that are representing one set of interests. What we need is to have more people at the table because the more perspectives you have at the table, the better decisions you make. And so right now, most decision makers aren’t working to put the interests of children first and if they were, they would be making really different decisions. So our job is to represent those kids who don’t have a voice and to make sure that their interests are represented.” - Vanessa Rule

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NY - Supporters for wind energy projects need to make their voices heard

Way to go Chris Loss (Heritage Wind) and Mother Out Front Susan Campbell for the published Letter To The Editor!

"We – the mothers, grandmothers, fathers and grandfathers – will make the difference in whether these projects are built or not by showing our support and getting the true and exciting facts out about how they will help our towns and our world.

Click the link below and scroll down to the second letter to read their call to action on speaking up for wind.

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MA - Mothers go to Quincy...

November 16, 2018  Mothers Go To Quincy - a personal account

Twenty-eight mothers and grandmothers made their way yesterday, by Red Line and car, to Quincy High School, south of Boston. We came to support Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station.  Joining FRRACS at the school entrances, we held ‘NO WEYMOUTH COMPRESSOR’ signs, connected with each other and those who were entering.



Photo Credit: Susan Redlich

In spite of the incipient snow storm, Fore River residents and allies poured into the meeting as 7:00 pm approached - filling the large space to hear the Health Impact Assessment report and have their questions answered.



Photo credit: David Backer


NY - VIDEO-Mothers Out Front Rochester

A short video highlighting Mothers Out Front teams and campaigns in Rochester, NY.

Many thanks to Paul Flansburg for producing the video. 

CA - Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos Brown's Last Chance Press Conference was held in old Sacramento on November 1st, 2018. Adelita Serena, community organizer at Mothers Out Front spoke at the event. The event was held to remember and honor those who have been lost from frontline communities impacted by fossil fuel extraction with a traditional Dia de Los Muertos altar.


Adelita Serena, Community Organizer, Mothers Out Front, at the mic.