NY - WIN! VIDEO - Former Cayuga Power Plant to Become a Data Center

The power of mothers turns a potential "natural" gas plant into a DATA CENTER!

The Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing has announced some major changes to its operation. The Cayuga Power plant is looking to move away from re-powering with natural gas, but instead going in a whole different direction....

"Our strength is really tremendous in influencing decision makers. And so to see that the work we have been doing has really made a really noticeable difference is really empowering and really exciting," says Nora Brown, Activist with Mothers Out Front. 


Watch the video news report here:

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MA - Chasing Gov. Baker, DEP Hearing and Press Conference

Wednesday, May 15th:

MothersOutFront was busy today!! We started out trying to talk to the Governor at the Green Ribbon Commission meeting but were asked to leave the premises.


Kristine Jelstrup (author and photographer), Pattie Heyman, Amber Martin, Jaclyn Secter, and Ellen Van Bever 

NY - BIG win for Mothers Out Front NY - REAL CAYUGA POWER

Mothers Out Front just achieved our first BIG victory against gas expansion in NY when we learned this week that the plan to convert the Cayuga Power Plant from coal to gas has been abandoned in favor of a new plan to build a data center and solar farm and battery storage!


"Real Cayuga Power" Artwork by Annie Campbell


This comes after a year-long campaign where Mothers Out Front was the organization leading the organizing effort from day one sending a clear message to the gas industry and elected officials that we would not tolerate gas expansion in Tompkins County. Our campaign partners, Fossil Free Tompkins, FracTracker Alliance, Dr. Sandra Steingraber formed the "No Fracked Gas Cayuga" campaign when we we learned of Cayuga's proposal to convert from coal to gas - said gas to be delivered by compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks (so-called bomb trucks).




MA - Activists air opposition to station

DEP officials began a three-day hearing on the appeal Wednesday, where dozens of community members, experts and officials are expected to speak. Mothers Out Front is not a party in the appeal, but leader Carol Chamberlain said members decided to hold their press conference with other advocacy groups to help raise attention around the issue and put pressure on Gov. Charlie Baker to intervene and revoke the permit.

"We're hoping it will be synergistic by proceeding on different fronts," Chamberlain said.

Read more:

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MA - Compressor station Fight Heads to Beacon Hill

After a report released by the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility calling out health risks of the proposed Weymouth Compressor Station, mothers and others rallied!

Members of the citizens group and the action group Mothers Out Front gathered outside the state Department of Environmental Protection’s Boston office to warn of the health and safety threats they say the compressor station would bring to the Fore River basin.

“Governor Baker, do the right thing,” Amy Tai of Mothers Out Front said. “Do the moral thing. Listen to the scientists, doctors, elected leaders, boards of health, first responders and residents of the commonwealth. Rescind this permit. Stop this project.”

Read the whole article here:

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CA - Mothers deliver Mother's Day postcards to Senator Feinstein

On the morning of April 15, Mothers Out Front members and co-founders delivered Mother's Day campaign postcards to Senator Feinstein's office, urging her to co-sponsor the Green New Deal. We met with two of her staffers and introduced Mothers Out Front to them, delivered over 100 postcards (which represent only a small portion of the postcards that Feinstein's office will receive from Mothers Out Front chapters around the state in the coming days). We expressed the urgency we feel as mothers to take aggressive and bold action to make sure we retain a livable earth for our children and grandchildren.






MA - Protesters Bolster Case Against Weymouth Compressor Station

On May 15th, Mothers Out Front joined our allies to rally and led a press conference to expose the health risks of the proposed Weymouth Compressor Station.

While the first day of a three-day hearing unfolded inside the Department of Environmental Protection, several dozen members of the Mothers Out Front and other advocacy groups took to the streets to warn that the station would bring environmental and public-health harm to environmental justice communities in the Weymouth area.

"Emissions from this dangerous and dirty fossil fuel infrastructure will threaten the health and safety of the children of the Fore River Basin and beyond," said Anne Goodwin, one of the leaders of Mothers Out Front's Massachusetts chapter. "The northeast pipeline expansion this would be a part of will contribute to climate change at a time when we urgently need to stop using fossil fuels."

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NY - Mothers Out Front fights for wind power in Mother's Day Letters

Check out this fantastic wind energy discussion played out in a news report on opposing Letters To The Editor regarding the #LightHouseWind Project in NY:

Lakeshore Mothers argued the project would provide host communities with thousands in much-needed tax revenue, have little effect on property values and kill far fewer migratory birds than would perish from unabated climate change. The group also linked climate change to the current flooding in the Great Lakes, which has pushed Lake Ontario's water level to 21 inches above average.

"Climate change is here and accelerating," Lakeshore Mothers writes in the letter. "We are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now, as the shores of Lake Ontario overflow - experiencing historic flooding for the second time in just two years."


Read the full article here:

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NY - Renewable advocates criticize National Grid's decarbonization plan

Renewable advocates criticize National Grid's decarbonization plan

By Marie J. French

05/13/2019 06:31 PM EDT

ALBANY — Renewable advocates criticized National Grid for its support of a natural gas pipeline and called for a commitment to zero emissions outside a forum convened by the utility on Monday.

National Grid hosted an event focused on strategies to achieve 80 percent emissions reductions by 2050 from 1990 levels at The Jerry, better known as the Albany Capital Center. The utility, which owns a natural gas distribution network in downstate New York and large swaths of upstate, sees accelerated conversions of customers from oil to natural gas as key to achieving that goal.

NY - LTE - What Chemung County should do to help fight climate change

Heather_Stanton_Head_Shot.jpgHeather Stanton Guest columnist


Climate change is here.

Heavy storms and floods devastated homes and farms right here in Chemung County last summer. Summers are becoming hotter, on average, and spring arrives earlier than normal.

Our homes, our beautiful natural spaces and our farmland are in danger from increasingly severe weather events and changing climate patterns. Too much rain, droughts, species loss and unpredictable weather negatively impact agriculture, the economy and food security. If we continue to use fossil fuels at the same rate we do today, tomorrow may be more chaotic and dangerous for our kids. It’s a possibility that Mothers Out Front, a national organization of mothers, grandmothers and others more than 23,000 strong, are striving to avoid. We want all children to have a future where jobs are abundant, our country is secure, and our planet is healthy.That’s why we’re asking for something different than flowers, chocolate and brunch on Mother’s Day. This year, moms want the Chemung County Legislature to take action locally to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. To this end, we have attended and spoken at every meeting of the legislature this year. We have met individually with every member of the legislature who would meet with us.