MA - Arlington group to protest climate change deniers

"Arlington's Mothers Out Front and their friends and supporters will join state event host 350 Massachusetts for a Better Future in a rally protesting president-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks - many of whom say they deny the existence of climate change - at a rally at noon Jan. 9 outside the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority station at Park and Tremont streets in Boston."

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MA - Mayor Walsh to Sign Ordinance Targeting Gas Leaks

"Ania Camargo is with the advocacy group Mothers Out Front, which has been lobbying for legislation to fix leaks.

“Change happens at the local level," she said. "And it’s at the road repair level. And so if we really can speed up the coordination between the utility companies and the city, then we will be able to fix and replace that many more pipes a year.”

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We #StandWithMaura

On Monday, December 12th, Texas federal district judge Ed Kinkeade cancelled the deposition he had scheduled for Attorney General Maura Healey regarding her investigation of ExxonMobil.

Mothers Out Front celebrates this victory for the Attorney General’s investigation, for Massachusetts law, for corporate accountability, and for our growing power to protect our children.

NY - You're Getting Warmer

 Mothers Out Front is pictured in this article at an oil train protest organized by NY teams.

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Monique Adams - VA

"Being a member of Mothers Out Front is important to me because it opens a platform for ordinary people to have a voice regarding extraordinary concerns. Mothers Out Front has helped opened my eyes to the reality that climate change is happening and there is an urgent need for change if we want a healthy future for our children. I am excited to be a part of an organization that is passionate about bringing action and awareness to the forefront and helping to hold elected officials to their responsibility and promise to serve the people." - Monique Adams, Norfolk, VA. (a city at high risk due to sea level rise.)

Monique is an extraordinary volunteer who joined us in 2016.  Welcome, Monique!

MA - BHCA Supports Campaign to 'Tag' Natural Gas Leaks

"In a letter to elected officials, the BHCA board of directors voiced its support for the Dec. 10 effort, which will be led by volunteers for the national nonprofit Mothers Out Front. Besides marking gas leaks with small signs, the campaign also intends to garner support for the Boston Gas Leaks Ordinance, and to instill the importance of notifying the gas company if one smells leaking gas."

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OH - Moms Out Front for a livable climate!

Our newest is taking off with press coverage!  Read more about these incredible mothers who hit the ground running.

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VA - In solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux tribe, dozens in Norfolk protest Dakota Access pipeline

In Norfolk, Virginia, dozens gathered at an event sponsored by Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads to show support for the #StandingRockSioux as they take a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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VA - Protesters in Norfolk support opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

"Mothers Out Front — a local group advocating for renewable energy — sponsored the demonstration. We have people who are thinking them that want to send them love and encouragement and we are standing with them,” said Kim Williams with Mothers Out Front. “It’s all one water ultimately.”

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NY - Southern Tier Residents Join State-Wide Rally Against Pipeline Expansion

"About 25 people from organizations including Mothers Out Front, Citizen Action, and the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition rallied outside of the Federal Building in Binghamton.  Other rallies also occurred in places including New York City and Rochester. 

Those in the Binghamton rally said the goal was to get [Senator] Schumer to use his authority and publicly push the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to issue a Stop Work Order on the pipeline."