MA - "Amherst officials to seek proposals for solar array 4 years after original plan failed to develop" by Diane Lederman

Four years ago, Amherst, MA was exploring proposals to build a solar array on the town's former landfill on Belchertown road.  Plans fell through then, but at the urging of the Amherst Mothers Out Front team, are being revived!

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NY - "Local group calls attention to crude oil cars" - 13whamTV

In New York, mothers are calling attention to the dangerous oil trains traveling on tracks near schools and neighborhoods.

"Fighting Climate Change with 'Mothers Out Front' by Kelsey Wirth

Read Kelsey's blog about how Mothers Out Front came about and what we hope to achieve.

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MA - "JP Moms Go on Climate Change Tagging Spree" by Chris Helms

With record-breaking extreme weather in Boston, the mothers of Jamaica Plain, MA find a way to bring attention to climate change in their neighborhoods.


MA - "College Town Cuts Ties With TransCanada Over Keystone XL, Plans to Go 100 Percent Renewable" by Anastasia Pantsios

EcoWatch coverage of the Cambridge, MA campaign to move to 100% renewables with the urging of the local Mothers Out Front Team.


MA - "Cambridge wants to cut ties with TransCanada over KeystoneXL" By Steve Annear

Cambridge MA Selectman work to move the contract that supplies electricity to municipal buildings to renewable energy, at the urging and with the help of Cambridge Mothers Out Front.

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MA - Cambridge, MA WIN! City Council unanimously adopts order to have city powered by 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY

On Friday, February 20th, the Cambridge, MA City Council voted to adopt Policy Order #18.  This order was introduced by City Councillor Dennis Carlone, and inspired by his meeting with the local Mothers Out Front team. 

MA - "Lexington solar project moves forward" by Jordan Frias

A coalition of groups in Lexington, MA attended the Selectmen's meeting to advocate using a patch of land in Lexington for a solar project.  Fifth-graders from Estabrook Elementary School, Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition and Mothers Out Front member Judith Glixon all spoke at the meeting.

"Mothers Out Front: Advocates for Change" by Neely Kelley

Neely Kelley, New York State Lead Organizer, shares her story about why she's involved with Mothers Out Front and why our movement needs you!  See page 10.



Amherst, MA - The Switch to Clean Energy

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