Mothers Raise the Alert on Gas Leaks

"Researchers have found over 20,000 natural gas leaks in Massachusetts. Now the group Mothers Out Front that campaigns for a livable climate is flagging these leaks, to alert their neighbors to the potentially explosive methane under their streets, and damaging the atmosphere. Living on Earth’s Helen Palmer reports from the streets of Cambridge, Mass."

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Ania Camargo of Boston, MA takes the press by storm presenting on Gas Leaks in Springfield MA

On Thursday, June 2nd, Springfield, MA held a Gas Leaks forum in their town and invited Ania Camargo of the Downtown Boston Mothers Out Front team to be a presenter at the forum.  Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley was a partner at the Forum and worked to get turnout as well!  #FixtheleaksMA

Please see the TV and news coverage of the event below!

And find out more about what Massachusetts teams are doing to plug the leaks here.

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20,000 Gas Leaks Cost Consumers And Speed Climate Change

Check out WGBH's coverage of the Mothers Out Front Cambridge team!  Cambridge, along with Brookline and Lexington, flagged gas leaks in their communities based on the HEET maps which are made from the utilities reports.

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Earth Day: What If Moms Get Together to Help Climate Change?

Mothers across the country are ready to take action to protect their children today and to preserve their children's opportunities for a safe and happy future. Read on to learn how Mothers Out Front got started and our plans for the future.  Thank you to the author, Valerie Young!

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Catherine Ware Kilduff from Mothers Out Front Virginia - Guest column

Catherine is from the Hampton Roads, Virginia community - the newest one to join the Mothers Out Front effort and one that faces extreme weather and constant flooding.

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Triple Approvals by Lexington MA Board of Selectman move the town toward sustainability!

Great news from Lexington, MA.  A Board of Selectman meeting brought about three decisions making the right choice for the health and future of all children.

First Statewide Strategy Summit in New York!

Our first Statewide Strategy Summit in New York was a huge success! On January 31st, Mothers from 14 communities in 7 regions gathered in Albany: Adirondacks (Plattsburgh, Keene, Lake Placid, Port Henry), Rochester area (City of Rochester, Fairport, Ontario), Capital Region (Albany, Slingerlands), New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn), Southern Tier (Horseheads, Spencer) and Hudson.

Katherine Chicon - NY



Why am I involved in Mothers Out Front?  It's simple.  Climate change affects just about all facets of our lives and the lives of our children:  the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and extreme weather leading to natural disasters just to name a few.

MA - "Why net zero planning is important for Concord" by Rebecca Woodward

Rebecca Woodward from Concord Mothers Out Front was published on Concord Wicked Local!  On behalf of her team, Rebecca wrote a commentary on the proposal for her town to move to Net Zero planning and the team is gearing up to get their town on a more sustainable track.

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Renu Bostwick - MA


Working with Mothers Out Front has helped me keep despair at bay when I think of our children’s future at risk. Climate Change is no longer something we have the luxury of debating, and we can no longer wait on a technological fix.