Amherst MA Chapter signing people on to green electricity - by Diane Lederman

Profile of our Amherst, MA team working to sign people up for renewable energy!

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"Mothers vs. climate change" by Melissa Schorr

"It’s about our kids. Our goal is to make climate change an issue that mothers care about because they are concerned about their kids’ future.” - Kelsey Wirth, Founder and Chair


#PowerUpMA Campaign Launch - February 2014

 CCTV Cambridge joined us for our Massachusetts Campaign launch on 2/1/14:  #PowerUpMA

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"Getting back to the Mother of Mother Nature" by Tammy Biddle

"When there are more women involved in political decision-making (i.e. equal gender representation), this reshapes the conversation by bringing a feminine consciousness to the tables of power."


Mothers Out Front Launches in MA in June 2013

Read the full story on The Huffington Post:

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"Mothers out Front on Climate Change" by Lisa Bennett

The first article about us!  The author attended our June 1, 2013 kickoff event in Boston, MA.

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