CA - SF Youth Climate Strike #2




On Friday, Dec 6, youth from Youth Vs Apocalypse and Sunrise led an inspiring and empowered strike outside of BlackRock headquarters in downtown San Francisco. They called out BlackRock for funding the burning of the Amazon and the oppression of black and brown people via investment in private prisons and detention centers.

Youth leaders led chants, held a planting activity, passed out hot chocolate, and invited youth to speak out. They approached the doors of BlackRock to ask to speak to the leadership, but were denied access. 



VA - Calling out Virginia Natural Gas

If our public works are meant to serve the public, then all of our voices need to be included. Kim Sudderth of Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads is #InTheNews:

Before an influential planning commission was set to publicly debate throwing its support behind the 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the group’s executive director went back and forth with an employee of one of the pipeline’s chief proponents, according to emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Kim Sudderth, a senior organizer with the climate-change focused advocacy group Mothers Out Front, said the people who would be directly affected by the pipeline have been left out of the conversation.


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MA - Amherst group campaigns to convert school bus fleet to electrical power

Mothers Out Front Amherst/Pioneer Valley are #inthenews fighting for a for a clean ride to school for our children!

Mothers Out Front recently launched an online petition, which the group anticipates submitting to school officials Dec. 17 with the signatures of community members and students, aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollution and improving the health of those affected by diesel exhaust.

On Tuesday, Mothers Out Front member Felicia Mednick told the School Committee that transitioning from fossil fuels to electricity will send a message to children that the town is taking the effects of climate change seriously and reducing its carbon footprint.


You can sign the petition here!


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PR: UN Awards Ceremony Celebrates Innovative Climate Solutions

(Madrid,10 December 2019)Fifteen game-changing initiatives from more than twenty countries have been celebrated as winners of the prestigious UN Global Climate Action Awards during the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid.

The Awards spearheaded by UN Climate Change’s Momentum for Change initiative showcase some of the most practical, scalable and replicable examples of what people across the globe are doing to tackle climate change.Speaking at a special ceremony at COP25 hosted by the Chilean Government in Madrid,Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change, said:

“These award-winning projects shine a light on outstanding examples of scalable, innovative and practical climate action from around the world. Each of these projects serve as beacons, guiding us towards a better future,” said Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UN Climate Change. 

“The recipients of the UN Global Climate Action Awards are leaders from communities, governments, businesses and organisations, and they are from all corners of the globe and all levels of society. The teams behind these projects are stepping up to meet the global climate challenge by delivering on the Paris Agreement,” Ms. Espinosa concluded.  


MA - First ever Leadership Academy class graduates!


Huge congratulations to the first cohort to complete the first ever Leadership Academy! No small feat! Now we have newly minted leaders knowledgeable in campaign strategy, one to one's, personal narratives and meetings with public officials. They will be unstoppable! Enormous gratitude goes out to all the trainers and staff who created curriculum and made all four modules happen. Hopefully this will be something that can be duplicated in other states!


MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_Ginger_Nina_Training.jpeg    MA_Leadership_Academy_KJelstrup_group.jpeg


VA - Fairfax County Students Demand Climate Action During Vienna Strike

Led by our youth leaders, the intergenerational #climatestrikes are building the strength of our collective movement each Friday. In Vienna, high school climate activist Katie M "decided to organize the strike in Vienna, because 'D.C. already has a strong climate movement.'" 

At the strike, protesters urged people to write a postcard to the Fairfax County School Board. The students and adult allies are pushing for a Green New Deal for FCPS that would switch all of the schools to net-zero carbon emissions by installing solar panels and energy-efficient windows. The plan would also continue the push for electric school buses in the county.

“I just want to make sure [my kids] have a liveable planet to live in,” Tiziana Bottino, a community organizer for Mothers Out Front, told Tysons Reporter about why she joined the strike.

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MA - Mom Column: Brookline's Historic Climate Vote

A Mother's perspective on the historic Brookline, MA Warrant Article 21 prohibiting fossil fuel use in new construction and in renovations, published by Brookline Wicked Local:

Like any mother, I think about my children’s future all the time. I look at the world that they are inheriting from us and I feel great anxiety. As a mother, I want to protect my children no matter what. The looming reality of global warming and climate collapse is something that requires immediate action. I have realized that I need to do everything I can to urge individuals and communities to protect the future for all children.

Last Wednesday night, at the Brookline Town Meeting, our community took action. By an overwhelming favorable vote, we passed the broadest ban on gas and oil infrastructure in new construction and significant renovations in the entire country. From this decision alone, carbon emissions in Brookline will be lowered by about 10% over the next thirty years. Brookline is demonstrating that a clean energy future is possible, now.

MA - Parents advocate for electric school buses in Amherst

We're so excited about Amherst's Electric School Bus Campaign kickoff! Watch the video in this news report and see how many Mothers Out Front you can spot!

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MA - In a first for Massachusetts, Brookline votes to ban oil and gas pipes in new buildings

A historic vote in Brookline, MA, as Mothers Out Front, friends and allies work to make sure new construction and renovations do not include fossil fuel infrastructure.

“Our goal was to make this as practical as possible, and to make this bylaw work for everyone,” said Kathleen Scanlon, an architect and Town Meeting member who serves as coordinator for Brookline Mothers Out Front. “Many communities are watching Brookline’s ... vote on this issue. We want our efforts to spread regionally and beyond.”


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MA - Eastie Mother Testifies in Support of Future Act

Mother out Front Sonja Tenglad testified at this Massachusetts hearing in the name of her son and for all our children's future.

Like others that testified at the hearing Tengblad argued the bill works with utilities to make these changes happen, and also seeks to re-introduce additional public scrutiny within the Department of Public Utilities through improved transparency measures.

“There are two days that changed my life forever: the day my beautiful son Soren was born, and a day two months later when I read a Bill McKibben article outlining the climate crisis,” began Tengblad at last week’s hearing. “That day, I realized that when my son is my age, he might not feel he has the option to have a beautiful child of his own. Not on this planet. That night, I sang him his regular lullaby, and then cried myself to sleep: I see trees of green, red roses too, I watch them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself: what a wonderful world.”

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