NY - Susan Campbell Makes the Case for Wind in Yates

Congratulations to Mother Out Front Susan Campbell for having your Letter to the Editor published and thank you for using your voice to push for more renewable energy!

So Yates residents, this is where some of our tax dollars are going that the Town Board agreed to share with Somerset on lawyer fees. We are paying fees for a lawyer to fight the release of information about the turbines! Where is the transparency? How much was spent to file this motion?

What are they afraid of?

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NY - New House Party in Lansing

A wonderful group of eleven mothers and others (two had to leave before we took the group photo) gathered last night at the home of Kristin Bartholomew in Lansing NY to discuss the issue of the repowering of the Cayuga Power Plant. Kristin's two boys have to cross the county road where the top-heavy compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks will be driving every day as they walk or bike to and from school. An estimated 50-120 truck trips per day are projected to be required to fuel the gas burner if the coal-to-gas conversion is approved. This represents an 85-200% increase in truck traffic on that route.

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MA - VIDEO: Arlington Mothers & Town Celebrate 1 Year of CCA!

On September 23rd, Arlington Mothers Out Front had a big event in Arlington to celebrate the anniversary of community choice aggregation and to publicize the many things Arlington has done in the move to sustainability.



(All photos by Christa Kelleher.)

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CA - Woodland/Sacramento Celebrates #Rising

Thank you to Adelita Serena for the report-in from Mothers Out Front Woodland/Sacramento on their celebration and planning session after #RiseForClimateJobsJustice!

Our Mothers Out Front Woodland/Sacramento Team was excited to gather on September 23rd and celebrate our strength in unity that we presented at the Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice March in San Francisco! All felt proud after watching the short video I put together. 


CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8274.JPG  CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8298.JPG  

CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8290.JPG  CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8291.JPG


MA - For Environmentalists Fighting Natural Gas, Safety Issue Comes To The Forefront

Gas Leak Allies (including Mothers Out Front and HEET) are in the news!

[Nathan Phillips has] been working with the Gas Leaks Allies — a partnership of groups that typically focus on the environmental impacts of natural gas and other fossil fuels. At the same time, safety has always been part of the discussion. But now, that’s moved to the forefront. 

Zeyneb Magavi is part of two organizations that are in the Gas Leaks Allies: Mothers Out Front and HEET. She said this crisis illustrates the dangers of natural gas. “It's shocking and yet not surprising,” she said. “And it creates a sense of urgency about moving to a safer solution for our society.”


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CA - San Jose Mothers Celebrate Rising!

23 members of the Mothers Out Front South Bay (San Jose) team celebrated our recent big wins with a picnic in the park today. We showed off the vibrant yellow shirts we got for the Rise for Climate march.


Find out how you can connect to the San Jose/South Bay Mothers Out Front Team!


CA - VIDEO: Watch Mothers Out Front California Rise!

The story of how over 100 mothers came together at #RiseForClimateJobsJustice in San Francisco on September 8, 2018 is in video! Narrated by Adelita Serena, Mothers Out Front organizer, find out what it was like to be at the march with these moms as they fight for their children's health.


MA - Sarah Partan: ‘Why I chose to join Mothers Out Front’

Thank you to Mother Out Front Sarah Partan of Amherst for #UsingHerMomVoice and congratulations for getting published!

"It is time for us to leave gas in the past and make a rapid transition to renewable energy for our own immediate safety, our families’ health, and the health of the planet.

That is why I chose to join Mothers Out Front, a nonpartisan movement working to swiftly transition our society to renewable energy. I encourage you to join too, or join another group working toward solutions. Or help by urging your school, your gym, your place of worship or your grocery store to switch to renewables."

Read more here:

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MA - Helping communities after the Merrimack Gas Explosions

"Thousands of residents were evacuated after the explosions last Thursday. Most were allowed back into their homes on Sunday, but while many had electric power, they might not see their gas service restored for weeks. …

Enter The Gas Leak Allies, a group including Mothers Out Front to HEET along with other environmental groups and scientists such as Philips and Boston resident John Lerner. One of their long-term projects is to introduce induction stoves as a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to gas cooking, but the gas disaster gave urgency to their work."

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MA - Gas Leaks Task Force Legislative Win!

While the 2018 legislative cycle was disappointing in many ways, we did have an important win on LUAF. What’s LUAF, you ask? “Lost and Unaccounted for Gas!”. The Gas Leaks Allies succeeded in getting our LUAF language into the clean energy omnibus bill that passed in August.

The new language requires the utilities to report on LUAF each year in a clearer and more uniform way, allowing us to tailor our gas leaks strategies more effectively. Until now, utilities’ LUAF numbers have been fuzzy, including a mish-mash of actual leaks, metering errors, gas the utilities use for their own operations, etc. Going forward, these categories must be separately reported in a standardized way, and even actual leaks must be further broken down – for example, how much lost gas comes from deteriorating pipes, versus pipes hit accidentally during construction, or leaking compressor stations. Just like the 2014 law that required the utilities to publicly report leak numbers and locations for the first time, this new law will give us critically-needed information to use in our work.