WGBH’s Humankind broadcasts a half-hour segment with Mothers Out Front in Massachusetts.

Listen to our volunteers share why taking action now is the only alternative in the age of climate change and how they gain strength acting with other mothers.

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Keene group sends message for climate action

The Keene chapter of Mothers Out Front organized students and community members at the Keene Central School Friday to participate in a photo shoot for #EarthToParis.

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NECN TV coverage of the Massachusetts #FixTheLeaks Rally on November 17th

Click on the tile below to see news coverage of the rally 11 Massachusetts Mothers Out Front teams joined on November 17th with our allies (Sierra Club, HEET, BCAN, Clean Water Action, and Conservation Law Foundation.)

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MA - "Lexington selectmen support bills to require addressing gas leaks," By Al Gentile

Read the full story on Wicked Local Lexington:



NY - "Environmentalist Moms Protest Bakken Oil Trains," By Veronica Volk

Read the full story on WXXI News:

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"Moms Do Their 'Thing' about Climate Change" by Ellen van Bever

On October 24, 2015, Mothers Out Front in Massachusetts launched our new campaign at South Station in Boston!  Ellen van Bever, our volunteer Communications Team Leader, explains why we're asking the utilities to Switch The Source Now for our children's health.

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Bedford Mothers out Front Delivered ‘The Earth’ to the 2015 HONK! Festival

"If you were out for a bike ride on the Minuteman bike path the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend, you may have passed a giant papier-mâché earth on a pedal-powered float ridden by Janet Powers from Bedford. “I heard every cliché and song in the book on the way. People would sing ‘It’s a Small World After All’ and say ‘You’ve got the whole world on your shoulders!’” She and friend Joel Parks took turns pulling the giant papier mache earth 26 miles to Harvard Square and back to represent Bedford’s Mothers out Front group in HONK!, the annual activist marching band festival."

Cry at Council hearing: Let’s deal with gas leaks in city – right now

"'Boston is riddled for the most part with tiny leaks, few of which pose any danger of explosion, but the toll that natural gas seepage takes on the environment and customers’ wallets is not insubstantial, experts say. “We’ve all smelled it, wondered how dangerous it can be,' said City Councillor Matt O’Malley at a hearing that he and Councillor Josh Zakim convened on the subject on Monday night."

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MA - Samisha Lameyer Joshi, Arlington Mothers Out Front - Interview about Nepal

Samisha Laymeyer Joshi, from Arlington, MA attended a house party in her town shortly before the Nepalese earthquake in 2015.   Being from Nepal, Samisha felt driven to help, and empowered by the mothers she met at the house party, planned a trip home to provide whatever assistance she could.  To hear about her trip, watch the interview below!

MA - "Amherst officials to seek proposals for solar array 4 years after original plan failed to develop" by Diane Lederman

Four years ago, Amherst, MA was exploring proposals to build a solar array on the town's former landfill on Belchertown road.  Plans fell through then, but at the urging of the Amherst Mothers Out Front team, are being revived!

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