MA - Easthampton Tags Gas Leaks

On Sunday, September 29th, Easthampton Climate Response’s group and Mothers Out Front had a gas leak tagging event. This event was sponsored by Easthampton's Democratic party. 

We wanted to use the momentum created by last week's "Climate Awareness Week" to let Easthampton residents know about the leaks existing in Easthampton so we can gather people to pressure gas companies to repair these leaks.




Meet the ‘Raging Grannies’ and ‘Gray Rangers’ Calling for Climate Action

Thank you to author Mythili Sampathkumar for this thoughtful look at the intergenerational movement to fight the #climatecrisis.

The Grannies are part of a larger, worldwide support group of senior citizens armed with signs, buttons, songs, tips on proper ways to get arrested they perfected while protesting the Vietnam War, plenty of words of encouragement, and a wealth of experience in calling for change within and outside of the system. The Elders for Climate, Mothers out Front, and the Gray Rangers are just some of the groups that make up this overlooked contingent.


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CA - Victory for fossil fuel-free buildings at San Jose City Council

The Mothers Out Front South Bay team is celebrating the unanimous vote by the San Jose City Council on September 17th to adopt the most ambitious policy of any large U.S. city to incentivize the construction of all-electric (not fossil-fueled) buildings. Due to the advocacy of our mothers and allies, the city’s new “reach code" also mandates that all parking spaces in new multi-family buildings be at least EV-ready, giving these residents equal access to EV charging, thus boosting equity and lowering barriers to EV adoption.


Watch the video recorded by James Tuleya of Mother Out Front Susan Butler-Graham on the mic at the ceremony!


We appreciate the climate leadership of Mayor Liccardo who, along with Councilmembers Peralez, Diep, Carrasco, and Davis, listened to the mothers and improved the draft reach code from “meh” to “wow!” We also applaud Councilmembers Jimenez, Esparza, Arenas, Foley and Khamis for voting in favor (Jones was out of town). And we congratulate Mayor Liccardo and the City Council also for voting unanimously to declare a Climate Emergency. 

We recommend that the City move forward soon to convene a technical roundtable of experts to educate Councilmembers, staff and developers about the state-of-the-art technology solutions which enable even high-rise buildings to be built all-electric at a lower cost than with fossil fuels. #SJReachForTheFuture! 


Members of Mothers Out Front South Bay wait to testify at the September 17th San Jose City Council meeting. Three team members (Rebecca, Susan, Hoai-An) gave stirring public comments, plus Rebecca’s daughter Ariana, whose speech brought down the house.


CA - Mothers Out Front at the San Francisco Climate Strike

Mothers Out Front San Francisco was proud to join youth in the September 20 climate strike in our city. It's youth that gives me the greatest hope—and for whom we feel the greatest obligation, of course. Here in San Francisco, the march was led by Youth vs. Apocalypse and many other youth groups. We adults fell into the march after they led. Here's part of our Mothers Out Front contingent; there were more of us marching with younger children.


CA_San_Francisco_2019-09-20_10.43.36_Youth_Climate_Strike_best.jpg  CA_San_Francisco_2019-09-20_10.04.02_Youth_Climate_Strike_best.jpg

Mothers Out Front Receives 2019 UN Global Climate Action Award - Press Release

Anne Roach, Mothers Out Front:


(Boston, Massachusetts: September 26, 2019) - Mothers Out Front proudly announces today that it is the recipient of the 2019 United Nations Global Climate Action Award: Women for Results. These awards help to shine a light on some of the most practical examples of what people across the globe are doing to combat climate change. Mothers Out Front was the only recipient in the United States. 

“We are profoundly grateful to receive this recognition from the United Nations,” said Kelsey Wirth, Mothers Out Front co-founder and chair. “Each day our mothers wake up determined to protect their children from the growing threat of the climate crisis. We know that we have until 2030 to cut carbon emissions by half. We will only accomplish this if decision-makers begin to take bold action on climate. This is a question of justice — for our children, and for those communities currently suffering the impacts of climate injustices.” 

The announcement of the award winners comes shortly after the UN Climate Summit in New York,  convened by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and in parallel with Climate Week NYC.

“The recipients of the UN Global Climate Action Awards are leaders from communities, governments, businesses, and organizations, and they are from all corners of the globe and all levels of society,” said Niclas Svenningsen, Manager of the UN Climate Change Global Climate Action Programme. “It is crucial we celebrate all actors who are leading the way. Their award-winning initiatives send a strong political signal to all nations — and through their leadership and creativity, we see essential change.”

VA - TV interview with Bobby Monacella, Fairfax County Mothers Out Front co-leader

Check out Fairfax County co-leader, Bobby Monacella, explain why Mothers Out Front is excited about the Electric School Bus Campaign! Bobby is interviewed right at the beginning.


MA - LTE: We need to build green roofs in Cambridge, joining other cities in climate change fight

Mother Out Front Florrie Wescoat asks an excellent question in her recently published Letter to the Editor at and announces a new campaign from Mothers Out Front in Cambridge, MA:

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of Cambridge. We see mostly empty rooftops, and some with mechanical systems on top to protect them from flood damage. Many of the flat roofs are heat-absorbing black, which can reach upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, increasing the city’s heat island effects. These aren’t the rooftops that a city such as Cambridge, which is committed to fighting climate change, ought to have, and we know it. Why aren’t we acting on what we know? Why don’t we have more white roofs that can reduce surface temperatures by an average of 43 degrees in the summertime? More solar collectors? Where are roofs with growing plants?

CA - San Jose could become largest US city to ban natural gas in new construction

Mothers Out Front San Jose #inthenews and #onmic for this proposal, with Mother Out Front Susan Butler-Graham reminding us:

“Our kids need us to electrify our buildings as much as possible, and stop building with gas,” said Susan Butler-Graham of Mothers Out Front, a non-profit seeking to move climate change issues to the political forefront.


Watch the video here:

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CA - NEWS: Hundreds marched through downtown San Jose for climate strike

Mothers Out Front San Jose were part of the #ClimateStrike in their city and were captured by the San Jose Spotlight!

As part of Mothers Out Front, a group dedicated to creating a healthy climate and a livable future for children, Deanna Pursai said she was marching for herself and her two children.

After Al Gore released “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, she said she thought the climate issue was obvious and that decision makers would take action. “I love being a mom, but now I feel guilty,” Pursai said. ”This is going to bring awareness, this is our civic duty.”


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NY - NEWS: Long Island group brings 'power' of parents and children to climate strike

Mothers Out Front Long Island made the news when they joined the #ClimateStrike in Battery Park:

Greta Thunberg had just finished addressing the big crowd in Battery Park, when Jennifer Rogers-Brown of Mothers Out Front LI, a few hundred feet from the stage, described what tied together her group and the youth-led Global Climate Strike held at sites around the world Friday.

"There's power in us as parents. And kids clearly have power collectively," Rogers-Brown of Huntington Station said, gesturing toward the stage. "It's learning how to use it."

Their group seeks to build mothers' power and mobilize "to ensure a livable climate for all children." Mothers Out Front started in Massachusetts in 2013, and the LI team began a few years ago. It has a core group of about six people, Rogers-Brown said last week.

About a half-dozen people from Mothers Out Front LI traveled to Manhattan for the climate strike, and Mothers Out Front had about two dozen at the event overall, including attendees from the city and upstate. Among them were men, kids and two strollers.


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