VA - Mothers Challenge Need for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads in the news calling into question whether the "natural" gas being piped in is necessary!

Mothers Out Front insists that local consumers of natural gas will bear the cost of the infrastructure through raised energy bills and that African-American communities will be disproportionately affected by many negative aspects of the pipelines.

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We did it!!! SB100 PASSED! Thank you & now let's march!

August 28, 2018 - Today is a historic day!! This evening, in a bipartisan vote, the California state Assembly passed Senate Bill 100. Once Governor Brown signs it into law next month, the fifth largest economy in the world will be on track to be powered entirely with clean electricity by 2045!  

Make no mistake, this is a victory of the people over the fossil fuel industry.SB 100 was heavily opposed by PG&E and the Western States Petroleum Association, the most influential lobby in Sacramento. Yet their money was drowned out in a sea of petitions, postcards, calls, tweets, and lobby visits from a grassroots coalition of consumers, people of faith, environmental justice advocates, labor unions, scientists--and moms!




MA - Mom's Perspective on International Mayor's Climate Summit

Story by Mother Out Front Edith Buhs

June 7, I made my way to Boston University to catch Mayor Walsh at the International Mayor's Climate Summit taking place one day ahead of the United States Conference of Mayors' 86th Annual Meeting. Mayor Walsh would be speaking at a press conference with Secretary of State John Kerry to officially announce his proposal that cities purchase renewable power together. Wearing my Mothers Out Front uniform, black t-shirt and black pants, I hoped to press him on the implementation of Community Choice Energy.




NY - Elmira Mothers Show Up For Solar Power Net Metering

VIDEO: Congratulations to Chemung County Mother Out Front Heather Stanton for being #InTheNews and interviewed on TV while advocating for solar energy!

"'It's really important because we are concerned about a livable climate for our children and to achieve that we need to move in a just way toward renewable energy and away from fossil fuels which are the primary cause of climate change,' said Chemung County Mothers Out Front Team Coordinator, Heather Stanton."

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CA - Mothers in the News! Just say NO to AB 813!

Adelita Serena of Woodland, one of the participants in the rally and press conference, emphasized what is at stake if the Legislature passes AB 813.

“I’m here for our children’s future,” said Serena, a member of Mothers Out Front. “As a mother, I’m concerned about the increasing risk to our kids if AB 813 passes through the Legislature. This bill would put the control of California’s electricity grid into the hands of the Trump administration and California would be at great risk. I urge folks to call their local senators to stop this bill from becoming law.”

Click the link below to read the full story!

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CA - First House Party in Woodland, CA!

On August 12th, mothers gathered for the first time at a Mothers Out Front House Party in Woodland to join in the #RiseForClimate campaign and push our leaders toward clean energy policies for our families.

Come out and join these mothers on September 8th! RSVP by clicking here!



NY - VIDEO: Press Conference: No Cayuga Fracked Gas

August 14, 207 - Lisa Marshall, Mothers Out Front, spoke at the No Cayuga Fracked Gas Press Conference. Other speakers included author and biologist Sandra Steingraber, and anti-fracking activist filmmaker Josh Fox. Lisa called on Governor Cuomo to #WalkTheTalkOnClimate.

“Governor Cuomo, you have heard all the science and all the facts. Please listen to the mothers who have to look their children in the eye each day and explain to them why the planet is burning.” said Lisa Marshall of Mothers Out Front.“I'm here today representing thousands of New York mothers asking you to shut off the gas for the sake of all children! We implore you to kickstart an energy revolution in New York that will lead us to swift, just and complete transition off of fossil fuels. You can start in Tompkins County with the Cayuga Power Plant.”



Sign the petition here!


MA - Arlington Mothers Exceed Their CCA Goal!

Congratulations to Arlington Mothers Out Front, exceeding their goal to get opt-ins for CCA and for being #InTheNews!

"Since CCA rolled out in August 2017, Mothers out Front set goals for the amount of opt ups they wanted to see. From August to December, their goal was 200. They ended up with 395.

'And then we thought, okay that was just because everybody got that letter so we said okay for this next year, 2018, we’ll set a goal of an additional 100 but then by April we’d blown through that so now we’ve had to up our goal again,' said co-coordinator Nili Pearlmutter.'"

Read all about it!

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NY - Mom's LTE - Your Turn: Local natural gas projects need to be stopped

Read a mother's message to Governor Cuomo:

Two new proposed projects in our area threaten our ability to prevent further climate change. They are the Cayuga Power Plant’s proposal to repower its facility with natural gas, and Cornell’s North Campus Dorm project, which proposes to power the buildings’ heat and electricity with natural gas.

How the framers of these two projects could have conceived of them without considering their contributions to climate change boggles the mind.

Thank you Mother Out Front Elisa Evett! Read the whole letter by clicking below:




MA - Mothers credited by Senator for Advocacy on Gas Leaks Reporting

MA - Thank you to Mother Out Front Sarah Simon for sharing this shout out to Mothers Out Front in MA:

"Hooray! Senator Barrett gave Mothers Out Front the credit for the new gas utility requirement to account for all lost natural gas. We're in the last sentence of this summary of the new Mass energy law!   CONGRATULATIONS!!"

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