WA - Mothers Out Front at Zero Hour in Seattle

Mothers Out Front teams in Washington State came out to support the #ZeroHour Marchers in Seattle!


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NY - Tompkins County Team Win - Dryden Approves Air Quality Resolution

Sunday night, July 22nd, the Dryden Town Board approved a resolution directed to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) regarding upgrading the standards for air emissions from natural gas extraction, distribution and combustion.  

The Dryden resolution is part of a statewide effort, supported and produced by a coalition of environmental allies, to encourage public entities to weigh in with the DEC during the public comment period as the agency modifies its air emissions regulations. I believe Dryden is the first upstate township to adopt the resolution; a number of downstate townships and some municipalities have also adopted it. Tompkins County passed a separate resolution this week as well.



MA - Letter to National Grid Regarding Union Lockout from MA Mothers

Mothers in Massachusetts respond to National Grid's lockout of union gas workers:

To National Grid:

We at Mothers Out Front are deeply concerned about National Grid's lockout of union gas workers. As members of a national movement of mothers and others mobilizing for a livable climate and protecting the health and safety of all children, we urge you to resolve the issue quickly. While we are outside of the negotiations and can’t comment on the details of the dispute, we are concerned for the workers, their families and the communities you serve. 

NY - Climate Experts and Advocates Weigh in on Cayuga Plant Re-Powering Plan

IN THE NEWS: Please see the joint press release with images from FracTracker, Fossil Free Tompkins, Mothers Out Front NY and The Sierra Club about our event on July 12th at the Tompkins County Library.

You can also see a live stream of some of the speakers here:  https://www.facebook.com/MOFFingerLakes/

Anyone who wants to sign up for the bus to the July 24th DEC hearing in Avon should sign up here:





NY - WIN FOR NYS! Crestwood LPG Storage Facility STOPPED!

July 12th, 2018 - Mothers Out Front congratulates and celebrates with our allies in the campaign to stop Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage expansion along the shores of Seneca Lake, in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine region. The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation DENIED the draft permit to Crestwood Energy Co to store LPG in the unstable salt caverns there.




NY - Tompkins County Moms Move Air Emissions Resolution forward with the Town of Dryden

On Thursday, July 12th team leaders Dana Magnuson and Katie Quinn-Jacobs met with Dryden Town Board to discuss a proposed Air Quality Resolution that is being considered by municipalities across NY State. The Resolution that would ask the DEC to require LAER (lowest available emissions regulations) for gas infrastructure will be on the agenda for the monthly board meeting next week and is expected to pass.



Town Board Members consider the Air Emissions Resolution

NY - Keene Mothers and Grandmothers Taking Streetlight Measurements

This event was part of the Keene Clean Energy team’s survey of all outdoor light poles in Keene and Keene Valley to double check NYSEG accounting and to prepare for transition to LED outdoor lighting. The process is that one person takes pictures of the pole and its surroundings, the other has a checklist and records pole # and type of light, nearest address, equipment condition, pedestrian activity and adjacent land use, road safety conditions, what is being illuminated, and pole distance from street.


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NH - Mother's Letter: Follow the energy money

Introduction to her Letter to the Editor by Mother Out front Emily Manns:

Our Governor recently vetoed legislation increasing net metering for solar projects up to 5 MW, and price support for local biomass power plants. Some of the current biomass plants are inefficient and polluting, but we also have sustainable biomass operations, and all create local jobs and make sense for New Hampshire. 
Our Governor has come out in support of new gas infrastructure, so this LTE attempts to put the issues side by side and point out that new gas faces risks and costs that need to be factored in to their evaluation, including rising steel costs due to tariffs, and a possible $40 per ton carbon fee (and dividend) recently proposed by a very conservative group supported by two former fed chairs. 

Read all about it:

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NY - Moms React to Lansing Plant Repower with "Natural" Gas

In New York State, the Tompkins County Team has something to say about converting a plant from one fossil fuel to another:

"Local chapters of organizations like Mothers Out Front, an environmental activism group, have spoken up, challenging the plan by arguing the damage of continuing with natural gas is too severe and the risks too high. Their primary concerns are the danger of transporting CNG by truck, the inherent emissions and lake pollution that will remain even after the repowering due to natural gas usage, and damage to the roads from the truckload rise."

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MA - Brookline Team using “Ghost Trees” to pressure National Grid on gas leaks

Mothers Out Front in Brookline #InTheNews!

The signs are the product of Mothers Out Front Brookline, a group of “mothers and others” attempting to bring attention to non-lethal gas leaks. These leaks are responsible for the death of approximately 400 trees throughout Brookline, according to Brookline Mothers Out Front. Each of the signs mark spots where trees have died due to gas leaks from Brookline’s deteriorating underground pipeline system.

“There’s no real incentive to change that for a gas company,” said Brookline Mothers Out Front member Susan Helms Daley, who helped spearhead the ghost tree initiative. “So we’re trying to bring some awareness to this issue because it’s really the public who can bring pressure to the gas companies.”

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