Climate Conversation with a Fourth Grader

Beth and Milo are a mother-son duo who live in Massachusetts with one other human, Milo’s four furry siblings, and a Roomba. Beth’s been volunteering with Mothers Out Front for nearly five years on the Communications Team, the Digital Engagement Team, and the Massachusetts Pipeline Task Force. Beth works in communications and as a culinary professional, baking and teaching plant-based cooking to kids. Milo is a nine-year-old with a mild Pokemon obsession. In addition to attending climate rallies together, Beth and Milo attend the same martial arts school. Milo really enjoys that he is a higher rank than his mom.

MA - NEWS: Rally calls for National Grid to repair gas leaks

Mothers Out Front in Massachusetts held a rally with allies on July 31st to make sure that National Grid understood we wanted them to keep their promise to fix the gas leaks. We're grateful to the Boston Globe and the community for listening!

Protesters decked out in neon orange, yellow, and green vests called on National Grid to repair gas leaks across the state at a rally in Boston on Wednesday.

Members of Mothers Out Front, Gas Leaks Allies, the Sierra Club, and other environmental groups gathered between the MBTA’s Government Center Station and the John F. Kennedy Federal Building to bring attention to the problem, a waste of energy and a significant contributor to climate change.

Organizers said the rally was held at a site of a major leak near the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Protesters held signs with large letters that spelled #FIXBIGGASLEAKS for a drone that took pictures from above, and many pointed to a dead tree at the center of the circle as evidence of the nearby leak.


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MA - Concord mothers to NGrid: Fix these gas leaks

Mothers Out Front Concord takes it to the source! Congratulations to the team on being #inthenews and changing the conversation! Thank you to Concord Wicked Local for covering this issue.

“We’re here to hold them accountable, make them comply with the regulations and to keep their promises to measure and fix these gas leaks,” Davis said. “The reason we’re so fired up about this is because they’re over 16,000 gas leaks in the state of Massachusetts. And the methane that leaks out is 10 percent of our emissions in the state. It’s the same amount of emissions that all the business and stores in the whole state (discharge). It’s a huge greenhouse gas emitter.”

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CA - Chevron's Huge Kern County Spill Endangers Valley Residents

California mothers are alarmed by an ongoing, uncontained oil spill in Kern County and are dismayed at the lack of independent oversight of California’s powerful oil and gas industry, as this powerful article quoting Linda conveys.

“We have lost all faith in the ability of DOGGR to do its job of protecting Californians, and we call on the Governor to completely reform this corporate-captured agency,” said Linda Hutchins-Knowles, California Senior Organizer for Mothers Out Front. “Regulators should not be allowed to own stock in the very industry they’re supposed to regulate. As California faces serious water scarcity, we need increased protections for our aquifers, not weakened rules.”

Along with over 500 public-interest groups in Last Chance Alliance, mothers and others call on Governor Newsom to protect California’s communities and climate by agreeing to:

STOP new oil & gas permits,

DROP existing production in a just and managed transition, and

ROLL out science-based 2500’ buffer zones between drilling zones and sensitive sites like homes and schools. 

Will you amplify our call? Sign our petition to Gov. Newsom to STOP, DROP & ROLL for public health and climate safety. Let’s demand real climate leadership! Thank you! 


MA - Valley communities feted for clean energy initiatives, fighting climate change

Mothers Out Front Pioneer Valley speaking out for 100% by 2035!

The event featured speakers representing Holyoke, Amherst and Northampton, Environment Massachusetts, and the climate activism groups Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Now.

The 100 Percent Renewable Energy Act, H.2836 in the House and S.1958 in the Senate, was touted at the event. The legislation would transition Massachusetts to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2035 and phase out fossil fuels for heating and transportation by 2045. So far 113 legislators have endorsed the legislation, according to Environment Massachusetts, including state Rep. Mindy Domb, D-Amherst, and state Sen. Jo Comerford, D-Northampton.


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MA - Somerville mothers demand National Grid fix gas leaks

Mothers Out Front Somerville is taking on National Grid, together with other teams throughout Massachusetts, to #FixBigGasLeaks!

“I’ve been in the same house for the last nine years and, like every other resident in East Somerville, I’m in National Grid territory,” she said. “I’ve known for years about gas leaks in the area — it’s been an ongoing problem for 20 years — but I started getting involved in Mothers Out Front in Somerville because I knew they were raising awareness about leaks as a safety threat and an environmental threat.”

- Mother Out Front Paola Massoli


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CA - San Francisco Team joins allies to urge city to take bold steps

On Monday, July 22nd, San Francisco's District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman held a hearing on the city’s Climate Emergency response at the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee. The hearing focused on high-priority strategies to achieve deep greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030, as detailed in a newly-published report, Focus 2030: A Pathway to Net Zero Emissions (Climate Report, July 2019), from the Department of the Environment.



Press Release: TCM Joined A.O.C., Sanders, and Blumenauer in Unveiling Climate Emergency Declaration

JULY 9, 2019

Contact: Malik Russell /  


The Climate Mobilization Joined Representatives Blumenauer, Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders in Unveiling Climate Resolution 

WASHINGTON, D.C  (July 9, 2019) — Today, amid a week of massive flooding in the nation’s capital, The Climate Mobilization (TCM) joined the offices of Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in announcing the introduction of a nonbinding resolution seeking to declare the climate crisis an official national emergency in the United States. Once officially introduced, TCM will mobilize a national climate emergency coalition to get the declaration passed through the House and to recruit all of the 2020 presidential candidates to publicly declare a climate emergency.

Click here to take action by contacting your representatives!


CA - Mothers & Others deliver 900 Green New Deal postcards to Senator Feinstein


Pictured: Adelita Serena, Sharon Torres, Susan Butler-Graham, Linda Hutchins-Knowles and two youth members met with Field Rep Abby Ellis and two interns at Senator Feinstein's San Francisco office


On June 21, six mothers and others from San Jose and Woodland traveled to San Francisco to deliver 456 hand-signed postcards to Senator Feinstein’s office to urge her to co-sponsor the Green New Deal. That same day, five members of the San Diego team visited Senator Feinstein’s San Diego office to deliver 280 more postcards. Add this to the 165 postcards delivered by the San Francisco team in May, and Mothers Out Front from southern to northern California have given Senator Feinstein over 900 postcards from her constituents!

NEWS: Mothers Out Front Named McNulty Prize Laureate


The McNulty Foundation Announces Four New Laureates for 2019


JULY 16, 2019

The Laureates for the $100,000 leadership award are working in India, the United States, South Africa and across Central America.

The announcement will be celebrated on July 24 at the Resnick Aspen Action Forum. Watch the Laureates share their bold visions, following an interview with international statesman & McNulty Prize juror Olara Otunnu at 6:00 MDT on July 24:


Contact: Nina Sawhney
McNulty Foundation

Philip Javellana
The Aspen Institute


Aspen, CO, July 16, 2019––The Aspen Institute and Anne Welsh McNulty announced the 12th annual John P. McNulty Prize Laureates, five extraordinary individuals who have leveraged their expertise, experience and networks to build and lead transformative social impact ventures.