MA Hired Energy Industry Execs to 'Independently' Review State's Gas System

Mothers in Massachusetts are holding the governor's administration accountable for a fair and unbiased review of the state's gas infrastructure, following last September’s gas explosions in Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley.

Debbie New of Mothers Out Front still holds hope the review will reflect the public’s interest. “There's an opportunity now for our DPU that hired them — and that's on the Independent Review Panel — to demonstrate that they're working for the public, not the utilities, by giving us a comprehensive, transparent report.”

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CA - San Francisco Press Conference for Climate Emergency Resolution

Mothers Out Front was a partner at the press conference the San Francisco Board of Supervisors held at City Hall on February 26 to announce their proposed Climate Emergency Resolution!



Pictured: Anya Deepak, Tamar Cooper, Liliana Peliks, Friday Apaliski, Tina Martin, Kathie Piccagli, and Maia Piccagli

NY - Westchester River Towns Community Team Speaking out in Sleepy Hollow!

First, a huge shout-out to Abby Williams, Arline Segal, Karen Vastola, and Susie Browarsky for speaking at last week’s Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees meeting (and to Katie Hyams for coming from Irvington)! View video here: (skip to 01:24:30).

We urged the trustees to a) prioritize a reduction of fossil fuels in the Comprehensive Plan Update, and b) to ask the developers of Edge-on-Hudson to avoid using gas to heat their buildings and use clean technologies like electric heat pumps and solar instead.   Whatever we put in place now will impact us for decades to come, at a time when we have a narrow window to slow the course of climate change. To quote Abby, whose 6-year old daughter has a dream to destroy pollution and be a scientist, “that’s 20 years away, so this is really our job now. We can do it, we have the technology.”



NY - LTE: Lighthouse Wind, Heritage Wind are Good for the Planet

Mother Out Front Linda Fisk believes, "Instead of asking our leaders and neighbors if they believe in climate change, we need to start asking if they understand it."

Today, we know that our actions directly affect the fate of the planet. It is up to us to make conscious decisions about how to preserve the earth for our children and grandchildren. This may seem like a daunting task, but one way we can work together as a community to fight against climate change is right in our backyards.

Find out more:

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CA - Big Award for San Jose Mothers and Daughters

Mothers (and Daughters) Out Front in San Jose To Receive Climate Smart Champion Awards!

San Jose's Environmental Services Department has announced the winners of its first ever Climate Smart Champion awards, recognizing champions in seven different categories. The Mothers Out Front South Bay team is thrilled to have been named Climate Smart Champion of the Year, along with their allies at San José Community Energy Advocates. In addition, three daughters of team members, Anika, Ariana and Karina, were recognized as Youth Climate Champions for their climate advocacy.



Mothers Out Front South Bay Team


NY - Lakeshore Mothers & Others Show Up for Wind Power

Lakeshore Mothers and Others are working hard on changing the conversation about #WindEnergy so we can move forward and invest in renewables; the right choice for our communities, our health and our children's future.

On February 28th, members of Lakeshore Mothers and Others Out Front attended the forum for the Heritage Wind Project that is proposed in our county. We had 11 people in attendance despite the temp being only 17 degrees 😱. I was interviewed for the channel 7 news and it was aired on the 11 o'clock news.         - Susan Campbell

For more information, please click here!


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VA - Coming together for the Richmond Public Narrative Training

The Richmond team gathered at Pocahontas State Park on Saturday, February 23 for a Public Narrative training facilitated by Kim Miller. 

Storytelling is at the heart of what we Mothers Out Front do. We know that presenting the facts concerning climate change has failed to convince our elected officials to act. Stories tap into the emotions and have the potential to move decision-makers toward meaningful action.



Kim Miller, standing on the right.


One recent participant in Massachusetts noted, “Not only did we learn the individual components of how to create an effective story that is personal, emotional, and powerful, but we also got to develop and practice our own stories. This workshop opened my eyes as to how stories can be used as a tool to better reach people and move them to action!"

If you want to learn more about Public Narrative training at Mothers Out Front, please email

NY- Advocating for Better Transit in Albany

A transit coalition has been building across New York to urge New York lawmakers to fund public transportation. On Tuesday, February 12th, 2019, Our Streets Transit Coalition, a transportation coalition in Rochester and allies from Rochester headed to Albany for a lobby day. Mary Lupien, Mothers Out Front leader joined the team.

Reconnect Rochester supported the effort on their Facebook page by posting:

"GO TEAM TRANSIT!Our fearless coalition group braved the weather to travel to #Albany today. We're meeting with lawmakers to urge them to support a transformational investment in public transportation (50% increase over 5 years) and other legislation that will create more just, equitable & sustainable transportation systems in upstate NY.

You can support our efforts from the comfort of your own home by signing the petition and sending letters to lawmakers: just click here!


          Mary Lupien (far left) with the allies of "Our Street Coalition

NY- Mothers Out Front Members speak at the public hearing on Westchester Gas Moratorium


Left to right:Leola Specht, Sarah Smiley and Katie Hyams, members of the Westchester River Towns Community Team.

These Mothers Out Front members attended a public hearing on Wednesday, February 13th, held by the Public Service Commission in White Plains NY about the gas moratorium for Westchester County put in place by the utility, Con Ed. Con Ed is saying there is a gas shortage. The Public Service Commission has told Con Ed to seek alternatives to gas.

VIDEO: Building Political Will for the Green New Deal


Need inspiration and hope?


Watch Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement, and Heather Dulisse of Mothers Out Front talk about how YOU can join the movement to protect communities from the devastation of fossil fuels and preserve a viable climate future! Then join us if you haven't yet! (You don't need to be a mom.)

Please take 2 minutes to fill out this form to tell us how you'd like to participate in the Mother’s Day Mobilization.