NY - Irondequoit Mothers are pushing for #CCA: Join them!

The Mothers Out Front Irondequoit Team organized a community information session/presentation by Rochester People's Climate Coalition and ROCtricity on CCA on July 12th. Education about CCA is key to building support in the community. 

There is a town board public hearing on CCA on August 21st and the team encourages those who can to attend and share with the board why it is important that they pass CCA legislation. We can help you get prepared!





CA - South Bay Moms keeps Up the Pressure on Assembly Member Evan Low

In the team's second lobby visit in three days, Co-coordinator of Mothers Out Front South Bay, Amanda Senior, and her sons joined a delegation from Orchard City Invisible to Assembly Member Evan Low’s Cupertino office. This group of 11 adults and children spoke with Patrick Aherns, Assembly Member Low’s senior representative, urging him to support Senate Bill 100, the California Clean Energy Act, which will come to the floor for a vote sometime in August. 

As Amanda put it, “Actions speak louder than words.” 



NY - These Moms Are Taking On Fracked Gas Infrastructure in New York

Thank you to Lee Ziesche for this great video on Mothers Out Front in New York working hard to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure!

Lisa’s life has been dominated by fracked gas infrastructure ever since Dominion Energy proposed an expansion of a 200+ mile pipeline that cuts through her rural community.

“If you imagine a football field with a block of ice half a mile into the air, that’s how much gas we’re talking about moving every day,” she said as we stood above a section of the pipeline that goes incredibly close to a community center.

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CA - Mothers & Allies Push Their Rep. for Clean Energy - South Bay

A group of 11 citizens including Martina Keim, the co-coordinator of the Mothers Out Front South Bay Team, met with Assembly Member Evan Low’s staffer for the environment to urge him to co-author Senate Bill 100, the California Clean Energy Act. Mothers Out Front South Bay has now delivered over 350 postcards from constituents to Assembly Member Low asking for his support on SB 100, the most important environmental bill of this legislative season. We hope he will announce very soon that he will vote for SB 100 when it comes to the floor for a vote in August. 


NY - Tompkins County Team Leaders Travel to Avon to Speak at DEC Hearing

On Tuesday, July 24th, Tompkins County team leaders Elisa Evett and Katie Quinn-Jacobs traveled two hours to Avon NY to speak at NY DEC hearings on proposed new rules for power plant air emissions. On their minds was the proposed re-powering of the Cayuga Power Plant with fracked gas. New York's new air quality proposals will effectively make coal burning illegal, but may allow inefficient, outdated plants to continue to operate burning so-called natural gas - the very same gas that this team has been fighting coming through Tompkins County via the Dominion Pipeline.



Mother Out Front Elisa Evett took the mic to say this:

"The elephant in the room today is climate change. Science confirms that it is well underway.  It is irrefutable that our use of fossil fuels has played a huge part in bringing us to this point  where millions of people, world-wide, are already experiencing the catastrophic effects in the form of unprecedented, extreme weather of every sort.  It is clear that if we don’t undertake Herculean efforts to drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by replacing them with renewable energy, we are condemning our children and their children and their children to a miserable existence on an unlivable planet.

NY - VIDEO: Mothers Testify at Town of Huntington Board Meeting

VIDEO: Watch the video of the Town Board Meeting of July 17, 2018 in which Mothers Out Front Town of Huntington team members spoke in favor of the resolution for the Town to pursue a Climate Smart Communities certification.

Our testimony starts at 46:40.


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NY - Moms' Voices Heard in Town of Huntington - Climate Smart WIN!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Town of Huntington Team! And thank you to Mother Out Front Jennifer Brown for sharing this story!

We are happy to announce that the Town of Huntington, on Long Island, NY, has now committed to completing the Climate Smart Communities certification process and authorized:

  1. a government and community operations greenhouse gas inventory,
  2. a 100% renewable energy feasibility study to set greenhouse gas reduction goals, and
  3. a capital phase-in plan. It passed 5-0 at yesterday’s Town Board meeting (7/17/18).

We are also very thankful to ACEERS and our Town Board for having previous meetings with us on this important issue, and to Supervisor Chad Lupinacci for sponsoring the resolution.

We had a wonderful response from community members who showed up to the town board meeting. Our voices were heard and we will continue to push for a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward 100% renewable energy. 





WA - Mothers Out Front at Zero Hour in Seattle

Mothers Out Front teams in Washington State came out to support the #ZeroHour Marchers in Seattle!


WA_MOFat_Seattle_ZeroHourMarch_July2018_1694.jpg   WA_MOFat_Seattle_ZeroHourMarch_July2018_1688.jpg

NY - Tompkins County Team Win - Dryden Approves Air Quality Resolution

Sunday night, July 22nd, the Dryden Town Board approved a resolution directed to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) regarding upgrading the standards for air emissions from natural gas extraction, distribution and combustion.  

The Dryden resolution is part of a statewide effort, supported and produced by a coalition of environmental allies, to encourage public entities to weigh in with the DEC during the public comment period as the agency modifies its air emissions regulations. I believe Dryden is the first upstate township to adopt the resolution; a number of downstate townships and some municipalities have also adopted it. Tompkins County passed a separate resolution this week as well.



MA - Letter to National Grid Regarding Union Lockout from MA Mothers

Mothers in Massachusetts respond to National Grid's lockout of union gas workers:

To National Grid:

We at Mothers Out Front are deeply concerned about National Grid's lockout of union gas workers. As members of a national movement of mothers and others mobilizing for a livable climate and protecting the health and safety of all children, we urge you to resolve the issue quickly. While we are outside of the negotiations and can’t comment on the details of the dispute, we are concerned for the workers, their families and the communities you serve.