MA - NEWS: Mothers helping to fight Air Quality Permit Approval for Weymouth

Mother Out Front Susan Lees #InTheNews and demanding that Governor Baker stand by our communities and our families rather than fossil fuel interests.

“Permitting this dangerous and toxic facility next to neighborhoods where residents raise families, send their children to school, and build communities is deeply negligent,” said Susan Lees of Mothers Out Front, an environmental activist group. “Governor Baker must show that he has the backbone to stand up to large energy corporations and intervene in this broken permitting process.”


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CA - Action and a Victory in San Jose



Rebecca Habermann, Linda Hutchins-Knowles, and other members at San Jose City Council meeting


The South Bay team is celebrating a big milestone in their campaign to Protect Coyote Valley, a 7400-acre stretch of natural and agricultural land. After months of rallying community and Council support, an enthusiastic group of 10 moms and kids delivered to the Councilmembers and Mayor 400 postcards in three languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese) urging them to protect Coyote Valley from industrial development. On June 11, the Council voted unanimously to consider changes to land use in Coyote Valley in the General Plan update process, a very significant step!


VA - Testimony on Roanoke Gas Rate Increase

Thank you to our friend, Freeda Cathcart, for capturing Desiree Shelley's testimony regarding Roanoke Gas' rate increase proposal and its potential impact on our communities. You can watch it below! We've included the text below as well.


PROFILE: In Upstate NY fossil fuels will turn into solar and data


Lisa Marshall isn’t your typical activist. For one thing, she’s not into crowds. “I don’t really like rallies,” Marshall, a mom of three from upstate New York, said. “They’re a little stressful — not my favorite thing.”

Marshall, who has two degrees in earth science, remembers being concerned about fossil fuels when New York activists began to push Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to ban fracking in the early 2010s. But she didn’t know the best way to become involved. “At that time, one of the main strategies, which was very effective in New York, was to just show up wherever [Cuomo] was and make sure he had no peace from the activist community until he banned fracking,” she said. “It just was very overwhelming.”

Then, at one of her first organizing events for the activist group Mothers Out Front, Marshall realized that organizing wasn’t just about making noise.

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CO - An Accidental City Council Meeting Encounter with ConocoPhillips

Mother Out Front Maria Ogneva found herself at an Aurora City Council meeting regarding ConocoPhillips and was left with questions about how the process worked with 300 oil wells in the balance.

On Monday, June 10th, I got to attend an odd public hearing at the Aurora City Council on the topic of adopting an Operator Agreement (OA) for ConocoPhillips, which would allow it to drill up to 300 oil wells in Aurora.

What made it so odd was that it was advertised as just one of the items on the agenda, but instead it was a 4 hour meeting, dominated by presentations from the company and its legal team, followed by public comment, and then followed by 30 minutes in which all other business was addressed. I’m not sure people who went to the meeting knew they were going to a public hearing, unless they were going to speak.

MA - TV NEWS: Worcester Residents Demand Gas Leak Repairs

MA - WORCESTER! We want to send a huge shoutout to Mothers Out Front Worcester for their incredible progress on gas leaks this month, including TV press coverage (below), interviewing Gaylen Moore and Patricia Kirkpatrick. The team has been working to get gas leaks fixed at elementary schools and to highlight the health risks of gas, particularly for children. Worcester has one of the highest rates of asthma in the nation.

With gratitude and congratulations to the team!

MA - Editorial: Work together to make gas leaks an issue

Thank you to Bill Shaner for echoing our thoughts and for your support. Congratulations on the published editorial!

That’s why I was encouraged to see the local environmental activist group Mothers Out Front take to the Standing Committee on Public Health and Human Services earlier this week to demand that Eversource, the city’s natural gas supplier, fix all leaks in and around city schools. In the past, they’ve also petitioned the School Committee, the school administration and brought in a gas leak expert to tour the grounds of city buildings with a specialized car to detect leaks.

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MA - WBUR: Confused About The Weymouth Compressor? Here's What You Need To Know

THANK YOU to WBUR for this incredible resource on the Weymouth Compressor Station story. In their words, "whether you've been reading about the issue for years and have questions, or are hearing about the project for the first time, here's what you need to know." We agree.

Click the link for the whole story:

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MA - Worcester residents demand gas leak repairs near schools

Mothers Out Front Worcester took to City Hall on June 17th to demand that Eversource repair 5 leaks near schools!

During the hearing, residents and Mothers Out Front volunteers spoke about their personal experiences with gas leaks in the city. Worcester resident and Mothers Out Front volunteer Rhonda Wahya Hicks said she couldn’t sleep when a leak was discovered at her granddaughter’s school.

“I’m very angry that it’s taken so long. We’ve been fighting this for a while. Why is it taking this long?” she said during the meeting. “Anything that has the words gas leaks and schools should not even be a public forum. It should already be taken care of. We shouldn’t have to do any kind of talking.”

Read all about it:

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MA - Green Living Tour 2019 in Jamaica Plain

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-May, Mothers Out Front-Jamaica Plain held our first-ever Green Living Tour, showcasing a wide range of ways to “go green”—from electric cars and bikes to worm composting, induction stoves, air and ground source heat pumps, and backyard bees and chickens. The feedback from the 150+ participants was overwhelmingly positive: “I had no idea so many of my neighbors were doing so much to shift to a green lifestyle,” “we brought our daughter with us to help her take her role and responsibility for nature seriously,” “the tour gave us a much better idea of which direction to take to reduce our own carbon footprint,” “It was cool to get up so close to the hive – we even got a look at the Queen being a total BOSS LADY.”


MA_JPGreenLivingTour_2019_GLT_Bees_2.jpg   MA_JPGreenLivingTour_GLT_-_Seneca's.JPG