WA - Help Moms in Bothell Get a Reusable Bag Ordinance!



Washingtonians use more than two billion plastic bags each year and according to the EPA only 4.3 percent are recycled. In 2010, 49,000 tons of plastic bags and film were disposed in the King County Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. The average lifespan of a plastic bag is only 12 minutes. 

[Source: http://www.ci.bothell.wa.us/1253/Plastic-Bag-Recycling]

Mothers Out Front Puget Sound is working hard to have the town of Bothell issue a reusable bag ordinance! You can help by signing the petition below!

(Pictured: Mothers Out Front Puget Sound planning meeting in February.)



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Jenny Smith
Suzanne Kohl
Amanda Senior
Sonja Baris
Jill Medina Elizalde
Kerry Feargrieve
joyce shiffrin
Linda Hk
Paula Townsell
Connie Singer
Mary Pinckert
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Dear Bothell City Council, 

We, the undersigned, support a reusable bag ordinance in Bothell. Thank you!


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