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By 2020, about 18 million Californians will be served by Community Choice, saving them about $190 million per year while cutting 5.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

We are excited about Community Choice Energy because it is the most impactful action a city can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean our air, and protect our kids' health and future. And it's great for the local economy!

What is Community Choice Energy?

  • Community Choice Energy (CCE) provides consumer choice by expanding your options
  • CCE allows cities and counties to purchase cleaner power to consumers at a competitive or lower price
  • It is a partnership between the city and the utility - SoCal Edison

How Does It work?

  • The City Council votes to establish a Community Choice program to purchase the power supply & set rates
  • SCE continues to deliver the power safely and reliably over their power lines
  • Residents can choose to purchase their electricity from the local CCE, or "opt out" to SCE

How will Community Choice Benefit Tustin residents?

  • Consumer Choice - You have a choice when it comes to your electricity provider.
  • Competition - Choice creates competition, and standard CCE options have been able to beat the rates of the competing utility.
  • Local Control - SCE customers pay the second highest electricity rates in California. CCE gives us local control and accountability.
  • Clean Energy - CCE can reduce the region's carbon footprint by providing a higher mix of clean energy sources on our grid. We cannot get to 100% clean energy without CCE!
  • Local Economic Opportunity - Over time, a local community choice energy program can buy increasing amounts of power from local sources, helping support local jobs and local economic development.

Got Solar?

This program is especially for you! CCEs often pay customers premium rate for excess electricity generated.

Where is Community Choice Already Working?

Marin County, Napa County, and the cities of Benicia, Lafayette, San Pablo, Richmond, and Walnut Creek (2010); Sonoma County (2014), City of Lancaster (2015); City of San Francisco, Mendocino County, San Mateo County and its 20 cities (2016) - Coming soon to Solana Beach, City of San Jose, and Los Angeles County!

Thank you to the Climate Action Campaign for providing the summary of how Community Choice Energy works and why it's the right choice for our communities!

Ready for Choice in Tustin? Raise Your Voice! Sign Our Petition to the Tustin City Council (non-residents welcome to sign but please indicate your city:


Dear Tustin City Council:

I support city leaders exploring Community Choice Energy for the City of Tustin.


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