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With the November election around the corner, we're here to help you be #louderandbraver.

Let’s Get Out the Vote!

Share this video.

  • Talk with friends and family about the importance of voting this year.  Use your voice, in-person and online

Make voting a family affair.

  • Consider who might need help with voting this year. Our children may have turned 18, but many still need guidance with registering and voting by mail. Learn your town’s procedures for drop-off and mail-in ballots and help the people close to you.

Pledge to call five friends.

  • One-to-one conversations are key to making sure people understand what’s at stake with our children’s future. Contact people in other states. Speak from the heart, and don’t forget to offer guidance on where to vote and how to best obtain and deliver a mail-in ballot. Encourage your friends to vote early!

Sign up for an Action Hour.

  • Take collective action for a livable climate and a better world. We are partnering with Reclaim Our Vote to contact voters in communities and states with a history of voter suppression. These are virtual phone banks where we are coming together to support one another as we call. We’ll also be “text banking” and taking other simple actions together. All are welcome.

Please see the events listed at the bottom of the page.

Register to Vote Today

Moms will vote in 2020!

Pledge to Call Five Friends!

Learn More/ Help Us Get out the Vote

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And don’t forget to make your own plan to vote on or before November 3.