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Protect OUR EJ Communities

The American Lung Association has ranked San Diego as the sixth worst city in air quality in the country.

Low-income communities of color overwhelmingly suffer from the worst impacts of toxic air pollution and children in these neighborhoods are being diagnosed with severe asthma in the emergency room above the county average.

A recent Harvard research study found that “a person living for decades in a county with high levels of fine particulate matter is 8 percent more likely to die from the coronavirus than someone in a region with one unit less of fine particulate pollution.

This means that to protect our communities from COVID-19, we must reduce the pollution they’re exposed to. 

Thus, the need for dedicated Environmental Justice staff is more urgent than ever in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The San Diego Air Pollution Control District (APCD) is unequipped to protect communities negatively impacted by toxic air pollution

We have an opportunity to integrate equity and environment justice at the agency’s core by ensuring that attention and resources are prioritized in communities most vulnerable to the risks and dangers of air pollution. 

We demand that the County of San Diego hire dedicated Environmental Justice Staff with appropriate and sustainable resources to protect communities of color and other vulnerable communities from environmental harms. 

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