Dear Admin. Pruitt - It's Time to Act on Climate

Help us make clear to Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator, it is time to stop politicizing climate change and ensure the health and safety of our air, water and children.

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Dear Administrator Pruitt:

In the wake of one of the most devastating storms to ever hit our shores you claimed that it was “insensitive” to discuss climate change while people were struggling for their lives and homes.

While we agree that the safety and livelihood of our citizens must be a priority in a crisis, we disagree that talking about climate change is insensitive. Climate change is not a political issue. It is insensitive to ignore climate change at a time when it is so clear that the intensity and frequency of the hurricanes and fires we are seeing this fall are symptoms of a warming climate.

As the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, you must do everything in your power to ensure the health and safety of our air, water, and land including addressing the urgent crisis of our changing climate. Ignoring climate change only exacerbates a problem that is already the most critical issue faced by humanity.

As Mothers Out Front we work toward a healthy environment for our children today and livable climate for their future. Sadly, we see that the future can not be bright until we transition to a clean energy economy. As a leader in this country you must step up and do everything you can to combat climate change. Please begin today by acknowledging that it is making life unsustainable for those on the front lines of fossil fuel infrastructure and extreme weather.



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