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Gas leaks mapped in the Boston area.


There are 3,500 natural gas leaks in the greater Boston area and over 20,000 statewide! The map above shows natural gas leaks in a town next to Boston.  The larger the peak, the greater the gas leak.

Methane gas leaks account for more climate damage than all the cars in the city and is 84 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period.

Gas companies, who supply this gas for our cooking and heating through old, leaking pipes, are well aware of these leaks. But they have no incentive to fix them because the lost gas is paid for by rate increases to consumers.  Residents in the Boston area pay over $90 million dollars a year, enough to heat 200,000 homes, for leaking gas that damages our health and our environment. We need to stop this waste now.

House bill H.2871 requires utilities to fix gas leaks whenever streets are opened for repair.  Passage of this bill would help diminish the total number of gas leaks, taking one step toward fixing this large problem. 

Please sign​ our petition asking Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo and President of the Senate Stanley C. Rosenberg to support this bill. For our children's health now and their climate future, we need to fix the gas leaks in our communities.

Add your name to this petition in support of the allied organizations working on the Fix Leaks First campaign. (Mothers Out FrontHEETSierra ClubClean Water ActionBoston Climate Action Network, the Conservation Law FoundationThe Emerald Necklace Conservancy, 350 Mass, and many others)



To:  State Representative Robert DeLeo
State Senator Stanley Rosenberg


Dear Representative DeLeo and Senator Rosenberg,

We, the undersigned, believe ratepayers should not have to pay for poorly managed infrastructure that wastes methane gas and contributes to climate change. House bill H.2871 would require utility companies to repair leaks when roads are open for repair. Furthermore, we encourage amendments that would:
- report volume of leaks to identify the biggest leaks,
- report on health hazards, especially to disclose chemicals in the gas,
- reimburse cities/towns for trees killed by leaks,
- report gas leakage by city/town for greenhouse gas inventories,
- report how much we are paying for leaked gas in our rate structure.

We support provisions for consumer protection: the cost of lost methane gas should not be passed onto the ratepayer. 

The scientific data supports this legislation—we know that methane gas leaks are:
- Bad for public health, causing increases in asthma attacks and thereby harming our citizens and increasing the burden on the healthcare system 
- Killing millions of dollars worth of shade trees.
- 84 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas in the first 20 years after being released into the atmosphere.


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