How we do it

We build our movement person-to-person at house parties, in coffee houses, on playgrounds, at schools, in places of worship, and in front of our state houses. The relationships we form with our neighbors, members of our community, and our allies are the building blocks of our power.  



We are building a movement of mothers, grandmothers and caregivers who are working 
for the swift and just transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.


We form teams to lead campaigns in our towns and cities.

Currently we have a number of teams in California, Massachusetts, New York State, Ohio, Virginia and Washington State, and are beginning to organize in Wisconsin and other states where moms are reaching out to us. Each local team works with its community to switch to renewable energy and say no to fossil fuels.

  • We are convincing our towns to choose Community Choice Aggregation for clean power in our homes and businesses.
  • We are working with others in our states to fix gas leaks so that methane will no longer seep into our atmosphere. No gas leaks translates to healthier children and a cleaner environment.
  • We are also driving up the demand for clean energy sources to supply our grid by helping individuals switch to clean electricity.


Cambridge_Mayor_SwitchMeme_David_P_Maher_July_2015.jpgby Nick Katkevich - July 2015 


Through this work, we are building the political will needed for elected officials to take bold action. Together with our legislators, we can reach our goal of meeting all of our new energy needs from renewable sources.

Such groundbreaking change in several states can inspire other states to follow our lead and change national policy.  We've seen this work with civil rights and marriage equality.  Together, we can do this.

To get involved with Mothers Out front, please email Michele Gielis at