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Leadership Academy



The application period has ended. Please check back for future Leadership Academy dates.

What is Mothers Out Front Leadership Academy?

Why Should You Join?

Mothers Out Front Leadership Academy is a supportive, online cohort of Mothers Out Front members dedicated to learning and deepening the skills we need to advance powerful climate justice work in our communities. You’ll learn how to build relationships that empower and how to create the change you want to see in the world.  And you’ll be able to apply what you learn during the session to your own Mothers Out Front work in real time to make concrete progress toward your team’s goals.

By participating in the Academy, you can expect to:

  • Deepen your understanding of climate justice and the individual and group practices that build a powerful movement
  • Learn about Mothers Out Front’s approach to change making and organizing
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Learn how to develop effective campaigns and build strong, interdependent teams to carry these out
  • Connect with, and learn from, other emerging leaders in your state and across the country
  • Take part in interactive and engaging online experiences
  • Make progress toward your team’s goals

Who is it for?

This Academy is geared toward: 

  • Members of Mothers Out Front teams who wish to deepen their organizing skills and create stronger, more effective teams: Are you feeling stuck with the same small group of leaders shouldering all the work? Are you struggling with how to strategically move forward to achieve the change you seek? This training can help you reignite the fire within and learn how to inspire folks with willing hands and hearts to join your team and take action strategically. This Leadership Academy is designed to address the needs of seasoned Mothers Out Front members as well as newcomers.
  • Members who would like to start new community teams to do campaign-based organizing in their city or county:  You’ll learn how to create a solid foundation through the storytelling and relationship building work, and to take the next steps in launching your team through defining your team’s structure, strategy and campaign focus.
  • Supporters of Mothers Out Front in areas without community teams who would like to support our statewide or national campaigns: Learn skills that you can leverage to help win our statewide, regional or national campaigns.
  • For all: This is an opportunity to learn from experienced organizers and diverse members around the country who are at different phases of the organizing process—a place to reflect on your work and find strength in community.