MA - Join our campaign to Stop the Weymouth Compressor Station!

We have an immediate opportunity to move against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure n Massachusetts. The compressor station proposed for the Town of Weymouth is a huge toxic facility that would be sited in an area with already high pollution levels right next to schools, daycares, and homes. It is a linchpin in gas company plans to transport vast amounts of gas from the Appalachian Basin through Massachusetts to Canada, for export to world markets. 

Governor Charlie Baker has refused to take any action or to meet with the residents.  The Fore River Basin community has been fighting this for over two years, and Mothers Out Front has been supporting them. The Massachusetts Leadership Team, Pipeline Task Force, and other leaders met several times over the past month to design a short campaign in three parts to take place July 11-20

With key permits due in August, now is the time to step up to the fight and use our incredible power as mothers.

We are asking:

  • That Governor Baker visit the proposed site and meet with the community there; 
  • That the air quality permit be denied, as the community already suffers from high levels of airborne toxins; 
  • That independent air quality testing be conducted at the site.

And we're asking YOU to add your voice to mothers like Daria Mark from Brookline:


​Share your message to Governor Baker on video

Why: At Mothers Out Front, our stories show our strength. They create connections between climate change and how it impacts our children. They draw attention to our local actions. They attract more mothers to join us and believe that they can do this work too. We want to amplify the voices of mothers in Weymouth by taping short video interviews asking Governor Baker to pay attention to the citizens. We'll all post and share these videos on Facebook.​ ​

The goal of these short videos is to tell the story -- in mothers’ voices -- of the health effects of natural gas and the importance of making wise choices that protect our families’ futures. In particular, we want to prevent the construction of the natural gas compressor station that has been planned for Weymouth.  

When:   July 11 to July 20Our first videos were filmed at the action at the ​statehouse.


1. Add your voice by creating videos at you​r ​community ​team meetings, or in your homes and neighborhoods.  Please click on the links below for resources on messaging and video how-to's.

2. Share your video on Facebook using the hastag #MothersProtectCommunities.

​3. After sharing videos on facebook, submit videos​ to If you run into a problem due to the size of your file, contact


​Tweet your concerns with Mothers Out Front and our Allies

Later this month we will show our power as mothers by flooding twitter with tweets to Governor Baker, and other targets, with our asks: to listen to mothers and visit the proposed site, to demand that independent air quality testing be done. We'll use the hastag #MothersProtectCommunities.

Check back later this week for more details and in the meantime sign up for twitter and facebook (link):

 How to sign up for Faceb​ook and Twitter (PDF​)

Come back soon for updates!

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