Make a call

A simple action like a phone call can make all the difference on an issue you care about.  When our leaders know where the voters stand, they respond.

If you live in MA, here’s a simple action you can take today to support the Mothers Out Front goal of NO NEW PIPELINES in Massachusetts. Please call your state legislators (look them up here) and ask them to co-sponsor these bills. The deadline is Friday, February 3, so please make the call soon.  

The Bills

  • HD3204/SD1727 - An act clarifying authority and responsibilities of the department of public utilities
  • HD2527/SD1674 - An Act protecting ratepayers from gas pipeline expansion costs
  • HD2253/SD1113 - An Act relative to protecting consumers of gas and electricity from paying for leaked and unaccounted for gas
  • HD3239 -  Mandates EFSB consider public health impact.

At the state level, even a few calls counts as a massive demand. This is one of the biggest ways you will make an impact this week—just a few calls.

Thank you!


Linda, Carol, Randi, Susan R., Gail, Izzy, Rachel, Susan L., and Beth

The Mothers Out Front Pipeline Task Force


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