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At this historic moment, people are looking for ways to get involved in the climate movement. Mothers Out Front wants to reach and engage new mothers by helping them to imagine working alongside us! And one of the most impactful tools we have to achieve this is … YOU!... and the humanity and resolve your voices offer our movement. We’re going to make ourselves heard through an inclusive, coordinated social media campaign that will amplify our call for climate action. And so we are launching #MothersMarch4Climate, and hope you’ll join us!

You can download a pdf copy of the toolkit by clicking here.


Posting - Hashtags - Tagging Mothers Out Front

  • You can take photos or record video prior to January 21st; you can post these before the march, but please also post them on January 21st.  

  • Please tag @MothersOutFront and use both hashtags #MothersMarch4Climate and #WomensMarch in your posts. (Sample tweets and posts coming up in the next section.)

  • #WhyIMarch is another popular hashtag you can use instead of #WomensMarch, but please always include #MothersMarch4Climate.

  • You can make a sign that says, “I’m marching with Mothers Out Front because…..”  and finish that sentence for us!  Then take a selfie or a group shot holding the sign and post it with the hashtags and tag @Mothers Out Front.  If you are not marching, your sign could say, “I’m marching (in spirit) with Mothers Out Front because….”  Click here for a template to use!

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please take a few minutes during the day to search the hashtag #MothersMarch4Climate. Then scan the results of the search and like and retweet or reshare the posts that you see to help us trend!
  • Accounts for Mothers Out Front, Women’s March on Washington and local Sister marches:

(More local marches to be listed!)


What you’ll do on social media…whether you’re on the march or not!

  • If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet or post to Facebook

  • If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter and Facebook

  • If you have 20 minutes: you will post a video on Twitter and Facebook, and then share and retweet other mothers’ posts

Sample Tweets!

Climate Deniers are you prepared to answer to @MothersOutFront? We want a livable climate for all kids! #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch


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The only future 4 our kids is a clean energy future. Climate deniers cannot do the job! #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch @MothersOutFront

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Their future is at stake. I march to protect my children from #climatechange.  #MothersMarch4Climate #WhyIMarch #WomensMarch  [Attach IMAGE OF KIDS WITH SIGNS if possible]

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I march with @MothersOutFront because #climatechange is not waiting, but my children are. #WhyIMarch #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch

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Proud of my fellow @MothersOutFront & all #women for taking #ClimateAction today. #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch

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(Pictured:  Kim Miller, Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads Organizer.  Read the Buzzfeed profile about her here!)


Sample Facebook Posts (and remember to set your post as PUBLIC)

  • I am marching with @MothersOutFront because climate change is directly impacting my #children and families all over the world RIGHT NOW. We cannot wait another moment on this issue, and an administration full of climate change denial is ignorant, wrong, and dangerous. #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch #WhyIMarch
  • As a mother, the first thing I think about every day is protecting my children.  Today that means #IMarch so that our leaders know we are expecting them to #ActOnClimate just like my children are counting on me. #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch #WhyIMarch


Sample Instragram Posts

  • [FOR IMAGE OF KIDS WITH SIGNS]:  Their future is at stake. We will protect our children no matter what it takes.  @MothersOutFront #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch
  •  [FOR IMAGE WITH GROUP OF MOMS]:  .@MothersOutFront from [TOWN] are marching today to protect our children and hold our leaders accountable to #ClimateAction.  #MothersMarch4Climate #WomensMarch

Video Script sample for selfie videos!

  • “Hi I’m [FIRST NAME] and I’m a mother/parent of [#children] from [TOWN]. Today I am acting to protect my child(ren)’s health and prospects for a happy future by marching with women from all over the country.  Please take action on climate and help us hold our leaders accountable.  Every time we make a choice for how we will fuel our future, it should always be for clean, renewable energy.  Every time.

Don't know much about Twitter and Facebook?

We've got you covered!

  • Click here to download a pdf with instructions how to create a Twitter or Facebook account!
  • Click here to download our slides in PDF to tips and tricks.

Watch our social media training webinar, recorded on January 18th!



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