National Meeting Session Descriptions

Throughout the meeting, there will be opportunities to connect with each other across states, and communities, celebrate, and have fun. The sessions are designed to help us share and learn from each other, build new skills, and plan, so we can leave at the end of the meeting equipped to have impact as we build the movement needed to make a just and complete transition off fossil fuels in 10 years. This is essential so that all children may live in safer communities and have a viable climate future.  


Below are descriptions of the individual sessions:

Welcome Dinners

Massachusetts members will be welcoming members from other states with welcome dinners in their homes.



  • Whose interests are being represented?: Organizing for Just Transition - Susan Campbell, Lyndonville, NY

Susan Campbell and her team of Lyndonville, NY will share the story of how her community is mobilizing for wind  in the face of opposition organized and funded by mostly vacation home owners who would have it otherwise. We will talk about how to ensure rural, farming and small town America have a seat at the decision-making table and how we are recruiting an inclusive socioeconomic and political membership.


  • Addressing immediate community needs to build just and intersectional campaigns - Michele Cook, Norfolk, VA; Anne Stauffer and Susan Butler-Graham, San Jose, CA

Many historically marginalized communities, often low-income communities and communities of color, face immediate threats and exploitative and predatory practices by decision-makers that make it hard to focus on the longer term impacts of climate change and a transition to renewable energy. In this session we will talk about why ensuring that these communities are a central part of our movement is not only just, but key to our ability to enact the just, complete, and fast transition off fossil fuels to renewable energy we know we need and how to make this happen.


  • Mothers Out Front Secret Sauce for Organizing A Big, Impactful Action!

On February 7, over one hundred Mothers Out Front and allies turned out at the Massachusetts State House to hold Governor Baker accountable to his administration’s decision to approve an air permit for a compressor station based on a health impacts assessment doctored by his administration. What went into making this day happen? (Hint: it wasn’t just about the action but also about the smaller campaigns along the way.) Come learn and share what you know so you can walk away with the knowledge of how your team or state can make the same happen!


  • Clean Power: Making Dollars Make Sense - Mary Cerulli, Boston and Debbie New, Cambridge, MA (Description pending)


  • How to be Good Allies: Supporting the Leadership of Frontline Communities  Susan Lees (Description pending)


  • All is not lost: the importance of the long game in local campaigns! - Katie Quinn-Jacobs, Ithaca, NY and Lois Bjornson, PA - (Description pending)


  • Why and How Decision-Makers Need Us to “Make Them Do It” - (Description pending)




  • No Fossil Fuels, No Problem - You Don’t Need a Fire to Keep Warm! - Billii Roberti, Huntington Station, NY and Zeyneb Magavi, Cambridge, MA

We are leading a movement to a fossil-fuel free future that needs to start now. What does that look like in our homes, where we often take heating for granted? Come learn about all the options we have now for heating our buildings without overheating our world. This is a good news session - we have the technologies now. We’ll get you pumped about heat pumps and help you feel comfortable sharing that good news with others.


  • Loud and Clear: How Social Media Lifts Up Our Voices - Beth Rodio, Sharon, MA and Laura Haugh, Seattle, WA (joining us virtually!)

Using Twitter as an example, Laura and Beth will take you through the whys and hows of how social media can bring people together to make on-the-ground change. Bring your phones and tweeting fingers because this session will take place in the real and virtual world all at the same time.


  • Telling Your Story to Move Others to Action! - Stefanie Valovic, Keene, NY and Sue Stafford, Cambridge, MA

Mothers voices and stories for why we need to act on climate are powerful in moving decision-makers like elected officials to action. They also inspire others to join us. In this training, you will learn to identify, develop, and share your story to move others to take concrete action.


  • Climate Justice 101 - Gracie Brett, Better Future Project, Cambridge, MA (Description pending)


  • Who’s benefiting? Power Mapping for Strategies that Win -- Derek Seidman and Munira Lokhandwala (Description pending)


  • Deep Listening to Move from Despair to Hope and Build a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Just Movement - Gladys Maged, Sustaining All Life (Description pending)


  • Meeting with Decision-Makers(Description pending)


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