National Strategic Response Team

Mothers Out Front is forming a Strategic Response Team (SRT) with the following charge: Ensure that Mothers Out Front is responding appropriately to happenings external to us.

Responsibilities of the SRT members will include:

  • Researching potential national issues and opportunities that Mothers Out Front may want to act upon and share a response with its membership.
  • Recommending issues to respond to and methods of response to the NLT (or occasionally State LTs).
  • Drafting responses to national issues.


  • Members of this team will initially meet (via Webex calls) a few times to form the team and determine how we will work together.
  • Estimated time commitment of 2 meetings of 1.5 hours each
  • Once established, the team will then meet periodically to discuss areas of research and response as well as methods of response.
    Estimated time commitment of 1 meeting a month for 2 hours
  • A subgroup of the team (or issue teams) will meet when a rapid response is needed to a crisis or other critical issue that impacts our membership and/or our work.
    Estimated time commitment of 3-5 hours during a response time
  • Members of the team will need to be able to have flexibility to plan and respond rapidly to situations that require quick turnaround.


  • We are looking for members who like to think big picture and have a national view on our movement.
  • Research and/or writing skills are valuable, as well as a sensibility for sharing sensitive information with large diverse groups of people.

Email to learn more.

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