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Rewilding Open Spaces

Healthy Soil, Livable Future

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Rewilding Open Spaces

Throughout the world, in cities and suburbs, people are thinking about “rewilding” the lawns at their homes and the spaces that community members share. The idea is to restore nature as an integral part of our daily lives, enabling even the densest of our urban areas to become habitats for native species of trees, grasses, and wildflowers. The creation of such habitats also increases biodiversity. We know that we are healthier when we encounter nature, as we can do in urban spaces. In less dense suburbs, homeowners can “rewild” lawns by planting meadow grasses and native species of bushes, trees and plants, as they decrease the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

In April 2021, the Guardian published an article entitled “Rewilding our cities: beauty, biodiversity and the biophilic cities movement.” This story reminds us:

Rewilding is about adding nature everywhere, not just in parks, by using nature-based solutions or green infrastructure at the edges of our streets, in leftover spaces and on and within our buildings. If we viewed our developments as spaces for nature, from which we cut out spaces for human use rather than ones where we design for human use and add a token of green to them at the edge, we will have a chance of bringing people and nature into a healthy balance.”

Rewilding is a practice whose time has come. With the effects of climate change barreling down on us, restoring nature is essential for humans’ well-being, and by creating healthier soil and plants we will increase our capacity for drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. Nature heals us and our cities, as it heals our planet. As this article’s author concludes, “We need to embrace nature in our everyday lives and act with the knowledge that whatever we do to nature, we do to ourselves.”

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Take Action

Pledge to protect and build healthy soils by nurturing a natural lawn! By pledging with others, you participate in an effort that combats climate change, restores water cycles, and has your family enjoying cool green beneath your feet. Acting together, we can inspire others and change the conversation around natural lawns!

ACT: Take The Natural Lawn Pledge