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Parents Are on Climate Strike

Join Us in the Streets and Online



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On September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit in NYC, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand real action to address the climate crisis.

Mothers Out Front will join the global climate strike and are asking all parents, aunts, uncles (and anyone who cares about children) to lead the way and encourage all adults to join. We will show the youth of the world that they are not alone. Once the strikes have ended, we will hold all elected officials and business leaders responsible for doing all they can to ensure a swift and just transition to clean renewable energy. 

This toolkit has been created especially to support parents and grandparents who are concerned about our childrens’ future and want to support actions and strikes in September. We will join the youth strikers fighting for a future for their generation, and demand action to avoid climate breakdown, end the extractive fossil fuel industry, and usher in a swift, just, and complete transition to clean renewable energy.

The Parent Constituent Support Group is coordinated by Mothers Out Front. Please contact Marnese Jackson at to contribute more resources and get involved.


QUICK LINKS: Climate strike homepage  ⎸ Register for updates Host a strike


Click below for the Mothers Out Front Calendars to check our posted events:




New York





  • If there is not a strike scheduled in your area, host a strike.


  • Post on social media using #ClimateStrike; #StrikeWithUs; #OurPledgeTheirFuture



  •  On Thursday, Sept. 19th, black out your social media with this Emoji ⚫️




  • If you have one minute, find the #ClimateStrike; #StrikeWithUs; #OurPledgeTheirFuture hashtags and retweet and share posts.


  • If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtags #ClimateStrike; #StrikeWithUs; #OurPledgeTheirFuture and tag @MothersOutFront. You can write your own message or use our samples below.


  • If you have five minutes, take a selfie with your kids and tweet it, explaining why you and your kids are striking. Remember to use the hashtags #ClimateStrike; #StrikeWithUs; #OurPledgeTheirFuture and tag @MothersOutFront.



POST IDEA: September 20th will bring an incredible, intergenerational moment when youth leaders will ask us to come together. Let’s capture those moments. Parents, record interviews with your children describing how you got involved in the climate movement and why it’s important. Interviews can be a blog, audio, or video.

Share them on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Use the hashtags:  

#ClimateStrike; #StrikeWithUs; #OurPledgeTheirFuture




  • I’m striking because […enter your own reason]. Join me in Sept for the Global #ClimateStrike because it is #OurPledgeTheirFuture. #StrikeWithUs


  • Our children’s generation will be the one most impacted by #climatechange. Join us in calling for bold climate action now. Find a strike location near you: #ClimateStrike #StrikeWithUs #OurPledgeTheirFuture


  • Climate change is the biggest threat to our children’s right to a livable future. On September 20, youth across the U.S. will lead a #ClimateStrike to demand legislative action to combat climate change and parents will be standing with them #StrikeWithUs


  • In September families everywhere will walk out of their schools and workplaces to join young strikers in the streets. We know governments won’t deliver climate action and justice on their own, so we’re going on #ClimateStrike to show them what people power is capable of. #StrikeWithUs  #OurPledgeTheirFuture


  • Injustice and greed created the climate crisis. The only way we can fight back is by fighting for a just and sustainable world that works for all of us. And it’s going to take all of us. Join me in a global #ClimateStrike Sept 20-27 #StrikeWithUs #OurPledgeTheirFuture


  • Climate breakdown isn’t inevitable. We know the solutions we need, and together, we have the power to make them happen. On Sept 20-27,  join the global #ClimateStrike #StrikeWithUs #OurPledgeTheirFuture


  • We don’t work so hard to raise our children to be safe and happy so that their future can be threatened by greed and environmental injustice. We’re taking action Sept 20 - 27 to ensure all children’s right to a livable climate. Please join us at a #ClimateStrike near you. #OurPledgeTheirFuture



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On September 20, young people are leading a #ClimateStrike for action on the climate crisis, the biggest threat to our future. 

We, as a global society, are at a crossroads. We have a decision to make. Are we going to choose money or power or are we going to choose the future? This strike is an invitation to choose us. Choose the kids, choose humanity, choose the future. 

Find a strike location near you and #StrikeWithUs:



Teacher Climate resources from Bay Area






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