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Climate Mama Bootcamp 2020


As part of our effort to make sure a mom’s voice is front and center in November, we are kicking off an exciting new series of webinars and trainings aimed at mobilizing as many moms as possible into action.  The Climate Mama Bootcamp series will provide a range of opportunities for moms to find out about the voting process, exploring top issues like the green stimulus and the intersectionality of climate and health, as well as environmental justice.

Voter Bootcamp: Civic Engagement 101 Webinar: Nuts and Bolts

The Civic Engagement 101 Webinar will cover the basics of how voting is working this year. This will include the registration process, how to vote, understanding constitutional rights, and the basics of the Electoral college. This webinar will be facilitated by Movements and Campaign Senior Organizers Stephanie Bowman and Kalin Jordan.

Voter Bootcamp: Civic Engagement 201 Training: Advancing Beyond Voter Suppression

The Mothers Out Front Movement and Campaigns team will be hosting a Civic Engagement 201 Training that will share a historical analysis of Voter Suppression and a behind-the-scenes view of the legislative process. This training will be facilitated by Latisha Harris, Lyndsey Cooper, and Kalin Jordan.

Voter Bootcamp: Civic Bootcamp 301: Electing Climate Champions

The Civic Engagement 301 is a continuation of voting basics that will focus on Electing Climate Champions: Elected officials who advance climate policy (can be at the local, state, and federal level). The training will be facilitated by the Movements and Campaigns Team alongside the ECO Series team: Lyndsey Cooper, LaTisha Harris, Stephanie Bowman, and Kalin Jordan.

Environmental Justice Public Health Town Hall

This community event will share information on the connections between public health and climate change and how voting can impact it. There will be a focus on Environmental Justice communities and health disparities.


*** More events to come ***

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