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Beyond Gas

Concord mothers are fighting for the swift and equitable transition away from dirty methane gas to renewable energy.

Our Goal

Mothers Out Front of Concord is working to move our town beyond methane gas – a dirty, dangerous fossil fuel.  We do this by:

  • Raising awareness about the prevalence and danger of methane gas leaks
  • Teaching Concord residents about alternatives to natural gas for heating & cooking
  • Working with local leaders to incentivize building electrification
  • Pushing for state legislation which accelerates a transition off of natural gas

Gas Leaks in Concord

Did you know Concord has 160+ active gas leaks?

In 2018, Massachusetts gas utility companies reported more than 15,000 un-repaired gas leaks. These gas leaks release methane gas into our communities, endangering residents, killing trees, and threatening our future. Methane is 80x more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year timespan, making it one of the biggest threats to preserving a livable climate.

That’s why Mothers Out Front is pushing for a swift and equitable transition to renewable energy. We are raising awareness about methane gas leaks and supporting local and state legislation that hastens a just transition to renewable energy.

Reported Gas Leaks

HEET, a Cambridge-based nonprofit working to cut carbon emissions, generates gas leaks maps using data reported by gas utility companies. Yellow pins mark the locations of un-repaired gas leaks reported by National Grid at the end of 2019. Many of these leaks have been active for years. Some have been leaking for more than a decade. Click here to find the leaks near your home.

Do you see the gas leak across the street from Willard Elementary School? It has been active since 2011.


Get Involved

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  • Shirt up and show up: Represent Mothers Out Front at demonstrations, hearings, and town meeting – all over Zoom!
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  • Teach a Workshop: Are you a chef, dietitian, or top-notch home cook?  Teach an induction cooking class!

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