Structuring Our Movement Taskforce

Volunteer Position: Member of the Structuring Our Movement Task Force
Time Commitment: 4-6 meetings (90 minutes each) from July through September with some work in between meetings
Staff Lead: Electa Sevier, Executive Director


Skills and/or Experience Desired:

  • Engagement with Mothers Out Front as an active volunteer preferably in a leadership position

  • Open to learning and thinking creatively

  • Experience or knowledge of organizational development and/or successful movements a plus

Task Force Overview:

Develop an overall movement structure that enables us to be volunteer led and effective in our work. Using the Our Shared Values as a guide, answer the following questions:

  • Does our current leadership structure meet our needs? If not, what needs to change, including clarity about which decisions are made at which level of the movement.

  • How do we select leaders to fill our structure?

  • How do we empower our leadership bodies to be effective decision makers?

  • What decisions require additional feedback from our constituencies and what is the process of identifying these decisions and getting feedback?

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