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Petition: Clean Heat for Massachusetts

Tell Your Gas Company: We Want Real Climate Solutions!

Natural gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that harms our health and contributes to climate change. By March 2022, the companies that deliver gas to our homes and buildings must submit plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. Sign our petition and ask your gas utility to align their plan with the Future of Clean Heat Platform!

Petition runs until February 1 (deadline extended).

Petition Text:

Berkshire Gas President Sue Kristjansson
Eversource President and CEO Joe Nolan
Liberty Utilities President Peter Eichler
National Grid President Terence Sobolewski
Unitil President, Chairman of the Board, and CEO Tom Meissner

We, the undersigned, are your customers and stakeholders. We are alarmed by the pace and threat of climate change and urge you to act swiftly to lead the transition away from natural gas.

Natural gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that harms our health and contributes to climate change. We ask that you align your utility transition plans with the Future of Clean Heat Platform to protect the health and safety of our families and ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

We require utility transition plans that:

  • Replace fossil fuels in our homes with all-electric solutions that are safe, healthy, and affordable, for all
  • Use electricity from renewable sources only, such as solar and wind
  • Offer heat pumps for heating and cooling and other electric appliances to all homes and buildings, and subsidies to make these technologies affordable for everyone
  • Replace leaky gas infrastructure with networked geothermal systems to enable large numbers of home and building owners to shift from utility gas to geothermal heating and cooling
  • Make clean energy available and affordable to all families and ensure that renters and low-income customers are not the last on the gas system and left responsible for the cost of the system’s collapse
  • Fund programs to install better insulation and plug air leaks to make homes and other buildings more comfortable and lower heating and cooling bills in all neighborhoods
  • Create pathways to employment for residents of low-income communities, so that they can secure family-sustaining jobs in the clean energy economy
  • Include retraining for gas workers to ensure they retain family-sustaining jobs

In your transition plans there is no place for:

  • “Natural gas,” which causes climate change and pollutes our homes and communities.
  • Gas pipelines, facilities, and the wasteful replacement and expansion of gas pipes under our neighborhood streets. Fossil fuels are not part of our energy future and we cannot continue to invest in them.
  • Hydrogen or biofuels in buildings. They are explosive, unhealthy, contribute to climate change, and are too expensive to pipe into our homes.
  • Large and dangerous gas leaks. Utilities must repair gas leaks with the most significant environmental impact as the gas system transitions.

Our families need: Homes that are all-electric, safe, and affordable for all!