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The Lawrence chapter welcomes everyone – mothers, fathers, nonbinary parents, and non-parents – to join us in our fight for a livable climate.


Lawrence mothers are uniting to save money and make our homes safe for our children by ensuring our homes are energy efficient and insulated. Our community needs solutions that work for all residents, regardless of their income level. Together, we will find ways to lower energy bills for both renters and homeowners. We all deserve homes that are safe, warm and affordable to heat and cool. 

Communities like Lawrence are on the frontlines of climate change. Due to inequities already present in our communities, families face the difficulties of accessing affordable and energy efficient homes. These communities, like our own, will face the impact of extreme weather, like hotter summers, colder winters, and more powerful storms, first and worst. Our goal is to ensure that all residents in Lawrence can get support to insulate their homes, reduce energy use, and lower their utility bills. This is one powerful step we can together take to reduce climate change.

Resources exist, but they aren’t accessible for many residents in Lawrence – especially for low-income, undocumented, and housing insecure families. When neighbors help neighbors, we can overcome the barriers that prevent people from taking advantage of these solutions. We are building a network to help bring these solutions home. 


We are eager to meet you! The future needs all of us to mobilize for a livable climate. Stop worrying about climate change and start taking action – you can make a difference! We welcome your interest and involvement, at whatever level.

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