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We are a diverse community of like-minded individuals who care about making Bushwick more just and more climate ready.

Our team


Throughout the time we have lived in Bushwick, we have all seen the beauty of Bushwick. This neighborhood is known for its strengths–the strong sense of community, the lively energy, creativity, and the history of diversity and strength. We must also see the inequality our community faces. Litter, gentrification, pollution, pipelines, homelessness, and housing inequality are just a few concerns that Bushwick residents have been fighting for years. We want to do everything we can to make Bushwick safer, cleaner, and more prepared for climate change. We welcome all community members to come together and be a part of the solution.

Our values:

  • Community helping each other
  • Mutual aid
  • No decisions about us without us
  • Prioritizing vulnerable community members (low-income populations and people of color)
  • Just transition

Our current priorities in Bushwick:

  • Food justice
  • Community gardening
  • Clean streets and adequate garbage disposal
  • No North Brooklyn Pipeline

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Instagram: @mothersoutfront_brooklyn


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