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Long island

Our team

We are a grassroots organization dedicated to transitioning to clean, renewable energy. MOF enables us to take active leadership in creating a safe, sustainable and healthy climate future for all children. It provides the structure, training, and tools for us to work together with policy makers, legislators and other organizations on campaigns in our communities and at the statewide level.

We choose one or more campaigns to pursue, and then lobby legislators, speak at hearings, research, prepare and write petitions, attend climate summits, host house parties, table at local festivals and conduct public community meetings to build community support, and march in support of environmental causes.

If you’re on Long Island, come join us!

Our values:

  • Respect for all people
  • No decisions about us without us
  • Environmental accountability
  • Just transition
  • Better quality of life with a cleaner and healthier planet
  • Leadership, teamwork and integrity
  • Deep listening
  • Communities working together
  • Prioritizing vulnerable community members (low-income populations and people of color)

Major accomplishment:

2018: Driving force to have the Town of Huntington commit to begin the Climate Smart Communities certification process.

Current priorities/campaigns:

  1. School Climate Crisis Councils/Electric School Buses
  2. Renewable Heat Now initiatives
  3. LI Public Power

Regular meeting times:

alternate Tuesdays 7:45-8:30PM via Zoom with occasional in-person meetings.

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