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Are Ya Feelin Alone? It’s Better Together!

A 4-Part Organizing Series on How to Build Your Team Fighting for Climate Justice Across Race and Class.

*** The event has reached capacity and registration is now closed. ***

Have you lost members or leaders in the pandemic? Just starting a new team, or want to revitalize your current team? Waking up to the realization that we can’t win against climate change without organizing across race and class? This 4-part organizing training series is for you!

This training series addresses the value in organizing that our power is in our numbers, or our “base.” Corporations have power in money, but it is the power of the people that gives us the ability to fight and win on climate justice. When we do this intentionally and skillfully across race and class, we transform not just the actors we seek to influence, but we also transform ourselves in the process.

At the end of these four trainings you will have tangible skills to build or rebuild your movement of Mothers and Others fighting for Climate Justice, with intention and skill, across race and class. You will walk away with:

  • A foundation in the activities that help us engage more mothers and grow our numbers 
  • An introduction for how to do this across race and class
  • Tools and a plan to increase the number of active volunteers that are working with you on climate change
  • Tools and a plan for how to “plant a lot of seeds,” or reach out to a large number of mothers and others (who you don’t necessarily already know) and entice them to join you 
  • An introduction to some tangible social media tools that can help you reach out to a large number of mothers and others who you don’t already know and invite them to join you 
  • Tools and a plan for how you or your team can turn initial contacts into active volunteers
  • An array of methods for how you can use already existing social networks to turn one new volunteer into many new volunteers


Who is It For?

This training is for anyone who wants to grow their number of active volunteers and leaders. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Individuals who are interested in starting a new Mothers Out Front team
  • Teams who are just in the beginning stages of forming
  • Teams that lost membership during the pandemic, after a win, or otherwise, and wish to rebuild their team
  • Teams that are ready to take the next step to building across race and class and need an introduction to how to do this

When Will it Take Place?

This organizing training series will take place:

  • Tuesday, August 17th- 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 8pm ET- 6:30pm PT/ 7:30pm MT/ 9:30pm ET
  • Thursday, August 19th- 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 8pm ET- 6:30pm PT/ 7:30pm MT/ 9:30pm ET
  • Tuesday, August 24th- 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 8pm ET- 6:30pm PT/ 7:30pm MT/ 9:30pm ET
  • Thursday, August 26th- 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 8pm ET- 6:30pm PT/ 7:30pm MT/ 9:30pm ET

What Are the Sessions?

Session 1: How to Build a Movement for Climate Justice Across Race and Class: This session is an introduction to organizing across race and class. It will cover: 

  • How and why it’s so important to be aware of your privilege and positionality when organizing in a community you don’t belong to, 
  • Some basic considerations for organizing across race and class effectively and responsibly, 
  • We will hear real examples from actual teams at Mothers Out Front who have successfully begun to build across race and class in their team or region.

Session 2: “Planting A Lot of Seeds:” This session will introduce you to some tangible skills to reach out to a large number of people to begin or continue building your base. It will include:

  • The how-to of setting up and carrying out a canvass, tabling event, and using social media to reach out to large numbers of people
  • Time to build your own plan to carry out these seed planting events

Session 3: The One on One: The one-on-one conversation is one of the foundations of organizing. It is a natural follow-up from a canvassing or tabling event, as well as a large social media outreach effort to begin building your movement of mothers and others. It is both a science and an art. This session will cover the how-to of the one on one and provide time to practice and make a plan in your team/ area for these vital one-on-one’s following the initial contact made in a canvass, tabling, or social media outreach.

Session 4: Going Deeper to Build your Movement: The Group Meeting: In every community, there is an already existing network of relationships. The group meeting is an organizing method we use to tap into those already existing networks to build out your base from your initial canvass and one on one conversations. This session will cover the why and how-to of various culturally appropriate and responsive group meetings that can follow your one-on-one conversation step in the basebuilding phase.

Do I Have to Participate in All Sessions?

It is highly encouraged that you participate in all sessions of this series. This series introduces a series of steps that fit together in the base building phase of a campaign. If you have to miss one, please let the trainers know in advance.

Do I Need to Join as a Team?

This training series is hands-on and will include creating a plan to increase your number of active moms within your existing team/ budding team. You will write an action plan for many of the tools that are taught in this series. That plan will be most effective if it is written in collaboration with other key team members and with the explicit approval of your team to write a plan that will then be carried out on the ground with your colleagues. 

Therefore, it is highly recommended (though not required) that you bring:

  • 2-4 team members from your team
    • At least 1 member experienced in outreach and recruitment
    • At least 1 member who is learning this skill set of outreach and recruitment
  • Have explicit approval from your team to create an outreach and recruitment plan that will be implemented by your team on the ground


  • I am the only person active in my team or just starting a team. What should I do?
    • Ask one person to join you, and start that recruitment now.
    • If you can’t get another person to join you, come alone. You’ll learn how to find others to join you at the training!
  • I need help figuring out how to invite someone else.
  • Our team is at capacity and they can only spare one person to attend.
    • This is why you need to focus on outreach and recruitment. We encourage you to prioritize bringing at least a team of 2 to this training so that you can actually effectively implement the tools you are learning. It will pay off if you dedicate the energy of your team to making a basebuilding plan now!
    • And if you simply can’t, by all means, send one person alone anyway

How Do I Apply?

*** The event has reached capacity and registration is now closed. ***


We understand that many participants have children at home, and we welcome the presence of your children. If you need childcare in order to focus and fully participate in the Academy, we can provide a stipend to hire childcare.