Teach BlackRock a Lesson by Twitter

As mothers, we invest in our children every day. We try to keep them safe, healthy, and make sure they have a livable world.

We expect that the investment companies that drive priorities for industries to do the same—especially with the energy industry. We find that BlackRock has some explaining to do.

Join us ON TWITTER, Tuesday, September 17th, all day as the Mothers Out Front Corporate Responsibility Team, friends and allies, hold BlackRock accountable at their doorstep in Boston at 8am and 5pm (twice!) and in New York at noon. While they're at the offices making sure everyone gets a copy of our report card, we'll be sharing it online.


Accounts/allies to follow or tag:

Mothers Out Front Twitter account: @MothersOutFront

Massachusetts Sierra Club: @MassSierraClub

Friends of the Earth: @foe_us

Climate Majority Project:  @majorityact

Extinction Rebellion MA: @XRBoston

Our Target Twitter account:

BlackRock: @BlackRock


#BLKFails #BLKBigProblem #BecauseWeSaidSo


Together, let's hold BlackRock accountable to our kids for the investment decisions it makes!


What you can do:

If you have one minute, find the hashtags #BLKFails and #BLKBigProblem and retweet them.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtags #BLKFails and #BLKBigProblem and tagging @MothersOutFront and @BlackRock. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take pictures of your actions or yourself (see this guide) and tweet them, explaining why you don’t want any more fossil fuel development, but investment in renewables right now. Remember to use the hashtags #BLKFails and #BLKBigProblem, and tag @MothersOutFront and @BlackRock.

If you have ten minutes, do all three!


Sample Tweets

If you're so willing to invest in fossil fuels, @BlackRock, that you'd lose $90B in bad bets, how can we trust you to make the right choice for our children's future? Do the math, BlackRock! #StrandedAssets #BLKFails. That's a #BLKBigProblem


You’re putting your bottom line, our retirement funds, and our children at risk. You can do better! Invest in the safe, healthy and clean world our kids deserve and go from #ClimateFoe to #ClimateHero! #BLKFails @MothersOutFront @MassSierraClub


Scientists, the IPCC report, & the Paris Climate Agreement all agree: We have to stop burning fossil fuels now. But you are still the #1 global leader fossil fuel investments when you could be #1 on climate. @BlackRock, do your homework! #BLKFails #BLKBigProblem


Electric utilities must eliminate greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible, and Dominion is dragging its feet; but when 40% of Dominion's voting shareholders called for an independent chair at Dominion, you voted it down. Why? #BLKFails #BLKBigProblem


My kids think I'm a hero because I fight climate change. You can be a #ClimateHero, too. It’s elementary, @BlackRock. Climate denial is over. We need climate action now. The element we need isn’t carbon, it’s renewable energy. #BLKFails #BLKBigProblem



Sample images to share: (right-click on the image to download to your device and share!):















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