TWEET with us for #MothersDay

Together, let’s boost our Mother’s Day actions online!

If you have one minute, find the #ThisIsTheMoment hashtag and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtag #ThisIsTheMoment and #MothersDay hashtags and tagging @MothersOutFront and your targets. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take pictures of your actions (see this guide) and tweet it, explaining why you don’t want any more fossil fuel development, but investment in renewables right now. Remember to use the hashtag #ThisIsTheMoment and #MothersDay and tag @MothersOutFront and your targets.

If you have ten minutes, do all three!


Sample image to share: (right-click on the image to download to your device and share!)



Sample tweets for Green New Deal campaigns

Remember to tag your targets (elected officials, governors, etc.)!


#ThisIsTheMoment to pass a Green New Deal. It will be a gift to our children and children everywhere and create millions of jobs and save trillions of dollars. Now that’s a #MothersDay gift! @MothersOutFront



For #MothersDay we want a Green New Deal. It will switch energy to clean, renewable sources and help those who are hit hardest by our reliance on fossil fuels. #ThisIsTheMoment where action and hope intersect to create a livable world. @MothersOutFront



This #MothersDay, @MothersOutFront are giving the gift...action on the Green New Deal. It will Protect health, safety, and national security. #ThisIsTheMoment


Sample tweets for other campaigns

Add specifics about your campaigns to these tweets. Remember to tag your targets!


#ThisIsTheMoment where action and hope intersect to create a livable world. That’s why @MothersOutFront are giving the gift this #MothersDay...action to protect all kids from the threat of climate change.



Why are @MothersOutFront mobilized on #MothersDay? Moms don’t take a day off! #ThisIsTheMoment to give all children the gift of our action.



All we want for #MothersDay is to save the world for our kids. #ThisIsTheMoment to mobilize for a livable climate. @MothersOutFront



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