Why Mothers?


We will do anything to protect our children.

We support their healthy lives today and build a strong foundation for their future.

We are the primary purchasers for our households.

We vote in large numbers.

We can play a central role in creating a safe world for our children.


Mothers Out Front raises the voices of mothers as uniquely powerful and persuasive. While many of us are not mothers or caregivers, we all have children we love in our lives.

As mothers, we cross many boundaries—cultural, racial, religious, economic, political, and generational. By focusing on our shared values and our love for our children, we work together to create a strong demand for renewable energy and mobilize the political will to deliver it.

We welcome people of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic classes, ages, religions, physical abilities, races, and ethnicities. While we are committed to being inclusive, we prioritize the perspectives and leadership of mothers.




In 2013, 250 mothers contributed to writing the Declaration of Protection For Our Children Against Climate Change, bringing our voices together to claim hope as our power:


We join together to protect our children in the face of climate change.

We believe climate change is a real and grave threat to everything that mothers and all parents want for our children: health, security, a world of wonder, and a future with promise.

We have watched leaders at every level fail to take action on the growing climate crisis. We have seen industry exert undue influence with little regard for the common good. We have noticed the small scared part of all of us that would rather pretend this isn’t possible than face such a terrible and overwhelming prospect.

Now we say, “Enough.” The path we are on is morally unacceptable. It is time for a swift and complete transition to clean energy. Every day that passes with our continued dependence on fossil fuels imperils not only our children, but all people and all living systems.

Together, we will:

1) resist ignorance, denial and distraction—in ourselves and in others;
2) support policy informed by science, not directed by industry to maintain profits;
3) stand by leaders who demonstrate bold action, not just lip service;
4) call for investments to help workers, families, and communities through this transition;
5) embrace opportunities for creativity and innovation.

As mothers, we nurture life and are fiercely protective of those we love.

We are as diverse in our backgrounds as we are singular in our commitment.

We have strength in our numbers and in our boundless presence—in schools, businesses, community organizations, religious institutions, political offices, and social networks.

We choose to take the future into our hands and commit ourselves to building a powerful movement that will work to protect children for generations to come.

We are hopeful.