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We are mothers, grandmothers, and other caregivers coming together to make climate change an issue that our leaders can no longer ignore.

We are building a powerful grassroots movement to ensure a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy.  We need your help.  Together, we can create a healthy climate today and a livable future for all children. 

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Monique Adams - VA

"Being a member of Mothers Out Front is important to me because it opens a platform for ordinary people to have a voice regarding extraordinary concerns. Mothers Out Front has helped opened my eyes to the reality that climate change is happening and there is an urgent need for change...
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Linda Finch - NY

Linda Finch of Sullivanville, NY testifies at a public hearing about why the Dominion compressor station's air quality application should be denied - for the safety of her family and community. "Dominion's air quality application is pure fiction and its methods criminal. Its documentation, its figures, its statistics have been...
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Carolyn Wilkins - MA

To me, working with Mothers Out Front at the local, state and national level has been about how we fit together the overt need for climate action, how we begin to rattle the cages of those Mothers (and Others!) who've been lulled into a state of numbness over the climate...
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Katherine Chicon - NY

  Why am I involved in Mothers Out Front?  It's simple.  Climate change affects just about all facets of our lives and the lives of our children:  the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and extreme weather leading to natural disasters just to name a few....
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