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National Priorities

National Priorities and Campaigns: Campaigns not bound by geography but by an issue

As teams across Mothers Out Front begin to work on similar issues, we have developed a series of national priorities and campaigns to support this work. Please see below for news, resources, and tools to help grow and strengthen your campaigns. 


Electric School Bus

Electric school buses reduce carbon emissions, save money and contribute to the electric energy grid. They are also a healthy alternative for our kids who have to breathe in the toxins released by traditional diesel school buses.


Civic Engagement

As moms we know that in order for our kids to inherit a livable climate and prosperous future, we need

Mothers Out Front is working towards building a civic engagement program designed to lift up mothers’ voice in the climate policy conversation.  Crucial to that is electing climate champions and holding decision-makers accountable as we promote policies that help curb climate change, move us towards renewable energy and completely away from fossil fuel dependency.