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About Membership

Mothers Out Front is a growing national movement of thousands of mothers and allies mobilizing for a sustainable, just future for all children. Together, we organize, fight for our communities, and win! When we each give what we can, it adds up to a force for change that’s impossible to ignore. 

By choosing to pay membership dues, at any level, you are powering this movement, YOUR movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is membership?

Our average grassroots donation size is $20, but donating or paying dues of any amount will make you a member of Mothers Out Front for 12 months, whether you give $2 or $2000. 

What if I can’t pay membership dues right now?

If now is not the right time for you to pay dues, ask your organizer about other membership options. If you’re not sure who your organizer is, email

How long does it last?

You are a dues-paying member for 12 months from the date of your last dues or gift, regardless of the amount. 

Will I be reminded when my membership is expiring?

Yes! Mothers Out Front’s development team will email you with a renewal opportunity a month before your membership is expiring. You may also hear from your organizer or team leader.

What kind of donation counts towards membership?

Any donation to Mothers Out Front will be considered dues toward membership. You do not need to donate and pay membership dues separately.

What are the benefits of membership?

Everyone involved with Mothers Out Front has access to our resources, events, training, and staff support. By choosing to pay membership dues, you are investing in the training, organizing tools, technology, community teams, staff, and all the things that make that possible.

Do I get voting rights on my local or state team if I am a dues paying member?

Individual states and community teams determine who is eligible to vote. Please ask your organizer or team leader to find out about your local practices. If you’re not sure who your organizer is, email

Do my membership dues go to my community team?

Right now, membership dues contribute to the general fund for Mothers Out Front, which is shared among the teams across the country. This means that the money can go where it’s needed and we don’t have some teams with much larger budgets than others. 

If I give membership dues, does that mean I don’t need to donate again for a year?

You don’t need to donate again for a year in order to maintain your membership. But we hope you will! Every dollar supports the fight for a livable climate for all children.