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Mothers Out Front Training program exists to support, educate, and empower our members to become powerful leaders in the fight for climate justice through organizing. We offer workshops, trainings, and coaching in the following topic areas:


The Organizing Series provides skills training and coaching in organizing. Organizing at its root is bringing people together to win on an issue that matters to them. Truly transformative organizing challenges the unjust power dynamics our society is built upon in the way we organize, learn and grow together,  as well as the final outcome of a campaign. We cover all aspects of how to build an organizing campaign in our Organizing Series. Some of the training topics covered include:

  • Basebuilding– how to recruit volunteers and build your “base” of members 
  • Leadership Development– How to purposefully, artfully develop members to become leaders in the movement for climate justice
  • Strategic Campaign Planning– how to research, identify your target (the person who will give you the outcome you are looking for) and create a series of escalating actions to win
  • Coalition Building– how to work with allies in the climate movement to build a powerful shared space

Dismantling Racism in the Fight for Climate Justice:

In order to win against the fossil fuel industry in our fight for climate justice, we must address the root causes of climate change. How did we get here in the first place? This question cannot be answered without also addressing the racism our country and much of the world’s economies were built upon. We also can’t beat the fossil fuel industry without the power of a massive movement, organizing across race and class to win. Workshops in our Dismantling Racism in the Fight for Climate Justice Series will help you to draw the connections between the roots of racism and the roots of climate change, to do powerful self-reflection and self-change work on how white supremacy culture shows up in individuals and in movements, and begin to figure out how to engage in anti-racist organizing for climate justice in action. Some of the training topics covered include:

  • Understanding white supremacy and its connection to climate change
  • Understanding how white supremacy shows up in social change organizations and individuals and working to end this
  • How to work with ally organizations, frontline organizations, and BIPOC led organizations in coalition for climate justice  in your community
  • Implicit bias 



Toolkits and other resources can be found here. 

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