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Healthy Soil, Livable Future

Massachusetts Action Group working for healthy soils to create a productive and livable planet.


Restoring the health of soil under our feet is a powerful tool in combatting climate change. By relying on time-tested approaches – many of which Indigenous and Black farmers have practiced for centuries – our yards, gardens, trees, parks, farms, and wetlands will absorb carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere and store it underground. We must do this to avoid a dangerous global temperature rise.

The Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group seeds actions that individuals and chapters can take to fight climate change by harvesting Earth’s natural solutions. We envision being part of a climate movement that preserves forests and wetlands, maintains our mature trees while planting more, especially in heat island communities, “rewilds” urban and suburban landscapes, prevents the harmful use of toxic pesticides and herbicides, promotes the healthy soil and food production of community gardens, and joins pollinator pathways populated by native plants.

  1. To nurture healthy soil
  2. To act in support of environment justice
  3. To improve the health of people and animals
  4. To promote the growth and improve the distribution of healthy food

Painting by Janet Powers, member of Healthy Soil, Livable Future


Building our grass-roots power is both a challenge and a necessity. Just as the fossil fuel industry is rich, powerful and fierce in protecting its business interests, so, too, are industrial agriculture, lawn care companies, and pesticide producers. By learning and acting together to protect human health and replenish the soil’s carbon-absorbing capacity, we improve air quality, spur healthy food production and integrate nature into our built environments. Even more, we will build a movement that is equal to this challenge we confront today.



The Natural Lawn Pledge

Pledge to be part of the solution! Become a steward of healthy soil.

Stop Pesticides on Playgrounds

Ban Toxic Pesticides from Playgrounds and Schools


Engaging in actions expands curiosity, while learning strengthens the effectiveness of our actions.

Created by the Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group, this information seeds the “rewilding” actions we want to take together to draw down carbon into the Earth, thus reducing the climate-warming effects of burning fossil fuels.


Pledge to nuture a natural lawn! Enjoy cool green beneath your feet while doing your part to combat climate change and restore natural water cycles. When we take this action together, we inspire others in our community and change the conversation around natural lawns!



Mothers Out Front in Massachusetts is building a team in the Natural Lawn Care for Healthy Soils (friendly) Competition – hosted by the Ocean River Institute. Don’t take action alone! Join a community of people working together to make natural lawns the norm! When you join the Mothers Out Front team, you will be connected to other Mothers Out Front members AND natural lawn practitioners in your town & region. Check out all the teams here.




Learn, then act. Act, then learn – more. Act at home, with your family, or act together, as a chapter, as a community.

The Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group is creating tools to help you do both – to learn and act, as individuals, as chapters. Quick Link topical one pagers inspire as they teach and our guides dig in, offering greater breadth and depth. Check out our offerings on topics of interest.


When we restore our soil’s health, we grow healthier food and sequester carbon drawn down from the atmosphere. Our Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group’s Quick Links, Regenerate the Soil, is a great resource to use in teaching people about the benefits of improving the health of our soil and why when we do this we are fighting climate change.


Composting Quick Links

When we remove food scraps from landfills through composting, we reduce the release of methane gas, which is a major contributor to climate change, and we create nutrient rich soil to grow healthy food and sequester carbon. Discover more about the benefits of composting and learn how to get started in Home Composting Tips: A Guide to Composting Yard & Food Waste.

Composting Guide

Our Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action group offers this guide to composting. Food Waste to Compost, describes how several Mothers Out Front chapters are advocating for community composting, walks through the fundamental of composting, and helps MOF chapters plan their own composting campaigns, with hints about how to inspire participation.


Opportunities to act abound at every level – for individuals, for Mothers Out Front Chapters, and statewide, as we push our legislative priorities forward. The Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group develops guides to help us act and learning materials to assist along the way. We present webinars on topics relevant to the MA chapters’ interests and propose actions we can take. We build relationships with allies and also host Movie Nights at which we learn and have fun, together! 

Advocate at the MA Statehouse for:
Organize local communities to:
At home, families can:

Acting together, in accordance with nature, we can heal our communities, ameliorate climate change, and create a more just and healthy food system.



The Natural Lawn Pledge

Pledge to be part of the solution! Become a steward of healthy soil.

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